September 8, 2016

Goals for September

We're nearly two weeks into September already, and I'm just now swooping in to share some goals for the month (oops). My work schedule has been pretty hectic the last two weeks, but the next few seem to be offering some free time. My August goals were far from crushed. In fact, I barely put a dent in them. It is what it is, but hopefully I'll get more accomplished this month!


(✘) Start + finish a new book.
(✔) Visit Disney at least once.
(✘) Take my gun to the shooting range.
(✘) Try to hit 10,000 steps a day.
(✔) Keep up with blogging regularly.
(✘) Go on a few family outings.
(✘) Spend at least 30 minutes a day studying HTML / CSS

➜ ➜ ➜

Start watching more sermons.
I don't go to church as often as I should. I used to watch sermons here at home whenever I'd miss a service, but I've slowly stopped doing that too. I'd like to set aside time every other day to watch Joyce Meyer (or others) + dive back into the Word.

Read as much as I can
You guys already know how I am with reading. Some months I can plow through a book or two, but most months I struggle to even finish one. So, this month, I'm simply striving to read as much as my schedule allows. I've been working my way through a couple different books, but I'm not setting a goal to finish any of them in particular (as I'm sure I'd fail).

Find a way to be more active.
The eating better thing, I've got that in the bag. So far, I'm down 11 pounds + one pant size (whoooo). But, I want to start being more active as well. I'd love to find (or create) an exercise routine I can do in the comfort of my home. I'm leaning towards Tae Bo because I've done it in the past, and I actually enjoy it. Also, once the weather grows cooler, I'm going to purchase a bicycle so I can go biking with my mama. There's a bike trail that runs along the front of our property, so I might as well put it to good use!

Visit Epcot's Food + Wine Festival.
My mama's birthday is actually next week, so we're planning on celebrating by visiting Epcot for their food + wine fest. I'm really hoping it works out, because we haven't been in five years. I've already made a list of food / drinks I want to try while we're there.

Tackle all remaining yard work.
Yard work is my nemesis. There's no denying that one. Add in the fact that we live on three acres and it's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights (ha), and you can clearly understand why there's a need to 'tackle' it all. It basically looks like we live in a freaking jungle. My brother has been coming over to help us over the past week, but there are still many areas that need serious work.

Have at least one day date or date night.
Between our crazy work schedules + G's new school schedule, we are in dire need of a date before the month draws to an end. Spending time together has always been a top priority for us. We'll probably try a new restaurant or go see a movie (or both).

Try out a new pumpkin recipe.
Hard to believe it's already pumpkin time! Baking is one of my favorite things to do around this time of year, but I'm really quite bored with pumpkin muffins / pumpkin bread. I'm thinking of making scones, cobbler, or donuts this time around.

September 6, 2016

Color Crush No. 5

I figured I'd share one more summer-esque color crush since the season seems to be quickly fleeing us. Just like the last one I shared, this photo was found while perusing the pages of (my go-to for stock photos these days) as well. I'll always be a sucker for blues + greens. Seeing this seaside town makes me want to pack my bags for a tropical vacation somewhere.

August 30, 2016

An Anniversary Trip to Remember

Yeah, so I know what you're thinking. Wasn't your anniversary way back in May? Why, yes, yes it was. However, it was a toss up between sharing this little recap late or never sharing it at all. And this story is far too good to keep to myself (or at least I think so). So, back in May, G and I made plans to go to Orlando for our anniversary. We had arranged to meet our good friends, Victoria + Sean, at Disney on Monday afternoon (the day after our actual anniversary). They were celebrating too, as it was Victoria's birthday and their 10 year anniversary. Leading up to the day, it seemed as though everything was working against us and it felt like the trip wouldn't even happen. From our friends not being able to get a rental car to last minute calls into work, there were countless hurtles we were forced to jump over to make it work. But, needless to say, we all made it there.

After a couple hours at work, G and I headed to Orlando around noon and met up with Vic + Sean at Magic Kingdom just as the Festival of Fantasy parade was getting ready to begin. They were able to save us a couple spots along Main Street, U.S.A. We had only ever seen the nighttime parades, so I very much enjoyed watching this one. There were a few rain clouds hanging over us as the parade finished and we made our way to Tomorrowland. After riding a few rides, the rain decided to make its appearance. We all ran into a nearby gift shop and purchased ponchos, then found a place to grab lunch hoping it would taper off as we ate. Unfortunately, it kept coming in waves, each one more intense than the last. We were determined to make the best of it, to keep pushing forward and we rode as many rides as we could. Once we made it to Adventureland, the wind started to pick up and the rain was coming down in sheets. Drenched and weary, it was time to surrender to the weather. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. We'd planned to meet back up with them the next morning to get breakfast together and visit another park.

G and I were soaking wet by the time we made it to our hotel room around. The ponchos did a great job at keeping the upper half of our bodies dry, but did nothing from the waist down. And, of course, we didn't even think to pack an extra pair of shoes, so I placed ours on the air conditioner hoping they would be dry by morning. The rest of the evening was spent eating Chinese delivery + watching television as we were too tired to venture out for dinner. I'm not sure what time we finally dozed off, but around 1:00 in the morning, we awoke to the sound of a blaring fire alarm. Half asleep and slightly annoyed, we hurried to put our (wet) shoes on and walked outside to see what the problem was. Most of us, like the rest of us, looked dazed and confused. After a few minutes, I grabbed our car keys and told G that we should wait it out in the car. He agreed and that's where we sat for about 15-20 minutes. All of a sudden, silence. Ah, finally. I thought we'd be able to snuggle back into our bed and drift off to dreamland. Boy, was I wrong. Literally, as soon as our feet crossed the threshold of our room, the alarm kicked back in.

That was the last straw. Between everything we had to face trying to get there, to the crazy weather and finally, this, we threw up our hands and waved our little white flag of surrender. G was definitely on the same page as I was. We didn't even have to say anything to one another before we started grabbing all of our belongings from the room. I drove around, hopped out of the car and barged into to lobby in my leopard print night gown and a pair of very squeaky Vans. I told the guy manning the desk that we were checking out, not even concerned with trying to get a refund at that moment. Instead of trying to find another hotel, we drove all the way back home, in the middle of the night. After trying to be positive the entire time, that was our breaking point. I don't think I'd ever been so happy to crawl into my own bed. I texted our friends to explain what happened, then feel asleep. 

The next morning, I thought to e-mail the hotel in hopes of possibly getting a partial refund since we were only there for about four hours. The manager got back to me quickly, and, to my surprise, he informed me that they would refund the entire night. He apologized for the inconvenience. Apparently lightening had struck the alarm system causing it to malfunction. So, as you can see, it was definitely an anniversary trip to remember! And I'm sure we'll be laughing about it for years to come.

August 25, 2016

Currently ( August )

READING · I've been doing an atrocious job at putting aside time to read this month, but on the days that I do actually seem to have my junk together, I've been thumbing through the pages of Fahrenheit 451 (the book I purchased while visiting Haslam's). I haven't gotten very far into the story yet, but I like it so far. It's certainly interesting.

WATCHING · Near the beginning of the month, we binge-watched Stranger Things in about two days. Then we decided to watch it all over again (it's just that good). From the 80's vibes to the characters, I have nothing but love for this show. After that, we began watching The Strain. Basically one of the weirdest + grossest shows I've come across so far. The story line is extremely weak and the character development is nonexistent. I'm surprised that we made it through both seasons as quickly as we did. Our most recent find would be Wayward Pines, which is turning out to be another binge-worthy show.
LISTENING TO · I've been on an 80's-inspired kick lately (mostly synthwave). My husband introduced me to a few new artists + I've been jamming out to them relentlessly, but Dynatron has been on repeat more often than others. Great music to veg out to!
DISCOVERING · That there's so much peace / freedom found in leaving everything (I mean every single thing) in God's hands. I've been doing a lot of that during this season. If a problem arises or something seems like it's not going to work out, I simply throw my hands up and thank God for working it all out. I don't have the time or energy to worry about things that are out of my control.

PLANNING · A day trip to Disney tomorrow with a very good friend who will be moving away in a few months! We're planning on tackling all 4 parks tomorrow Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios + Animal Kingdom. I know, we're crazy. We'll see just how much we can get through in the 14 hours we'll be there! The pricing was too good to pass up as they were offering $79 park hopper tickets for the family members / friends of passholders. I'm sure I'll share the outcome of our endeavor afterwards.

CRAVING · G and I have been doing very well as far as counting calories go, but I've been craving a big juicy burger from Burger Monger for the past few days. Geez. The struggle is real. I mean, just look at what they have to offer! Mmm. 

WISHING · That I was finished with the last portion of my GED testing so that I could go ahead and enroll at SPC. Even if I was only able to take 1-2 classes a semester to start out with, it would be better than waiting until G completes his degree. I'm about 30% finished with my prep book + I'm planning to take a practice test within the next few weeks. So, we shall see how it pans out!

FEELING · Content. Work has been going smoothly, G is loving his classes so far, fall is literally right around the corner. All is well.

PRAYING FOR · A fresh outpouring of God's presence in my life. I feel like my spirit needs a reboot.