SPC · Web Development

Hey, guys! I'm not dead, if that's what you had been wondering. I see that it's been almost two months since I shared anything around here (my apologies). Life's basically moving at hyperspeed right now, especially in the past week alone. I've been working hard and making some big moves behind the scenes. I'm thrilled to announce that I have successfully completed all four of the GED exams + applied at St. Petersburg College where I'll be perusing a degree in web development (talk about exciting). Everything has been falling into place quicker than I can process.

I passed the math portion of the GED last Wednesday (such a relief). On Friday, I applied at SPC. In just a couple hours, I was assigned a student number and an e-mail account. So, I'm officially a college student (that's insane to say). I have my little to-do list to complete over the next few weeks. I won't be starting until the fall semester, so G and I will both have the summer free. We're only going part-time since we're both working too, but I believe we have a good schedule worked out. G will be going on Mondays / Wednesdays. I'll be going Tuesdays / Thursdays.

I can't even describe the feeling that came over me whenever I realized I wasn't stuck anymore. For the longest time, I felt like I was just moving along in life with no real destination in mind. I knew I wanted to go back to school eventually, but I wasn't sure how everything was going to play out. I should have trusted God's timing in the matter, because I couldn't have planned it out better myself. I've seen His hand moving in each and every step I've taken.

I just want to wrap this up by thanking every single person who has encouraged me along the way, as well as those of you who have taken the time to congratulate me on Facebook or IG. Your support is very much appreciated :)


March Goals

(✔) Go to the gym 2-3x a week.
Yes! This actually became a priority for us over the past month. I'm so glad we were able to stick with it. I think there was only one week that we went 3x, but I was still getting in some cardio and weights at home each day.

(✔) Have a coffee date with Charlene.
Heck, yes! This actually happened last week. Charlene (from Charlene Zale) and I finally met in person after being online friends / pen pals for almost 10 years! She shared a little about our coffee date on her blog the other day.

(✘) Visit at least one new area around us.
Sadly, no, this didn't work out. I mean, it could have. It's not like we didn't have the time to do it. We just got wrapped up in other things throughout the month and this was put on the back burner. 

(✔) Go to Epcot's Festival of the Arts.
We waited until the last weekend, but we still made it! It was a lot of fun. I have to share about our time there.

(✘) Read one book.
Oops. I started reading The Forgetting, but I'm far away from finishing it. You win some, you lose some.

(✘) Finish going over algebra.
There were two separate sections within the algebra section of my book. As much as I wanted to breeze through it, I found myself needing more practice in the first section (especially multiplying / dividing polynomials). I'm still happy with the progress I made though. I mean, I have to actually understand what I'm studying.

(✔) Learn one new song on the keyboard.
So maybe it was cheating, but I relearned how to play The Hanging Tree (the song that Katniss Everdeen sings on Mockingjay Part 1). I had learned it about a year or so ago, but had since forgotten how to play it.

M A R C H  G O A L S
two . thousand . seventeen

(01) Complete GED prep + take a practice test.

(02) Have a Disney day with my husband.

(03) Finish reading The Forgetting.

(04) Participate in one boot camp class.

(05) Rearrange the office / computer room.

(06) Go to the gun range.

What are some of your goals for March?


Bringing Me Joy · Vol. 6

Woah. Is any one else finding it very hard to believe that February is almost over? I expected to be super busy with work these past two weeks, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I've been loving my days off though.

Solo trips to the coffee shop.
Before last week, I had never been to a coffee shop alone. When I was feeling stressed out one day, I drove to one of my favorite coffee shops to sip on a butterscotch latte and read for a little while. It was so nice that I want to make these solo trips a priority going forward. Even if it's 1-2x a month, I think it would be beneficial.

Visiting with my family.
We met up with my aunt + uncle for lunch one afternoon, visited my grandpa a couple days after that and had my niece + nephew over for a sleepover last night. Time spent with family really is the best.

Using my Fitbit Charge 2.
This little device has proved to be so handy. It's far more useful than I ever imagined it would be. Being able to track my steps, calories I've burned + my heart rate is awesome. I still want to do a review on it.

Going to Epcot's Festival of the Arts.
I was afraid we were going to miss out on this, but we got to go last Friday! We only stayed a few hours, but it was still enjoyable. I'm just glad that we were able to view it.

Participating in a Camp Gladiator boot camp.
Went to my second CG boot camp class with my friend, Esther. It was her 100th check-in (she's a beast). I was surprised at how well I kept up with the HIIT workout they were having us do. Yay for not dying.

Seeing Kari Jobe in concert.
It was actually more like a massive worship session led by Kari. I loved every single second of it. If you haven't heard her latest album, The Garden, you've been missing out on some really good praise + worship music!

Classic movies.
Even though I have always had a thing for classic movies, I'm finding myself drawn to them even more as I get older. I watched The African Queen with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart for the first time this week.

Working out at the gym + at home.
G and I have still been hitting the gym about twice a week. I've also been making it a point to do at least 20-30 minutes of cardio each day at home. I love working out now that I've gotten into a routine.

Yogi blueberry slim life green tea.
It's delicious and it gives me energy. I've been drinking 2-3 cups a day with monk fruit (in the raw) sweetener.

My 600-lb Life on TLC.
My mama and I have been obsessed with this show lately. We just set up our DVR to record all of the old episodes that play on TLC. Don't laugh, but I normally watch it while doing my workout at home. It's motivating.

What are some things that are bringing you joy lately?