May 5, 2016

Goals for May

Yeah, so, the last time I created a monthly goal list was way back in February (oops). Let's take a moment to go over what I was able to knock out (or didn't knock out) over the past three months.

(✔) Finish another book. I finished reading three (almost four).

(✔) Purge my closet + sell or giveaway the rejects. Done + done.

(✘) Finish gathering the final pieces for my gallery wall. Nope, still need a few things.

(✔) Do two fun outings with my family. Yes! We've done a handful of outings since February.

(✔) Take the science portion of the GED test. Yeah, buddy. I passed it in early April.

(✔) Plan a getaway with the hubby. We visited New Smyrna Beach + Kennedy Space Center.

Not too shabby, given the fact I had three months to get this junk done instead of the usual one. We aren't too far into May yet, so that should give me just the right amount of time to accomplish some things this month as well.

+ Finish The Bullet + one other book.
I'm about halfway done with the book I'm currently reading, so that'll be easy. I'd really like to dive into another right after I wrap that one up. Not sure which one exactly, but my Kindle is full of books I snagged on sale!

+ Continue studying for the GED math exam.
I try to study at least 30 minutes to an hour each day depending on how long the lesson is. I've been working my way through the Kaplan Mathematical Reasoning Prep book. I'd really like to knock out the whole book this month if possible.

+ Take photos for our 6th wedding anniversary.
May 15th is our 6th wedding anniversary (whhhaaatttt?!). I've asked a close friend to take photos for us since we haven't had any "nice" ones taken since our engagement photos. Fingers crossed that our schedules will coincide so we can do this!

+ Visit Disney at least three times.
Okay, so a couple days ago we became Disney annual pass holders (eeeek!) After weighing the pros / cons (although there weren't really any cons that I can recall), we decided to purchase the Florida Residents Weekday Select passes since we are normally free throughout the week. I know that will change whenever G starts school, but we'll work around it. With the price of tickets jumping up almost every year, we're still saving a ton even if we only get to go a handful of times. The tickets are good for all four Disney parks + includes free parking. That's a win/win if you ask me!

+ Keep tracking calories throughout the week.
Last month, G and I started tracking our calories again. However, we've been using MyNetDiary instead of MyFitnessPal. So far, I like it much better. The layout is clean and it seems to scan barcodes quicker. I've lost a couple pounds, but nothing astronomical. I'm focusing on how my clothes fit verses weight. We count Monday-Saturday and Sundays are cheat days.

That's about it. I'll keep it simple this time around ;)

May 4, 2016

Four on the Fourth

Woah. Let me brush the dust off this space as it's been laying dormant since the middle of March (my bad). I've fallen behind on sharing over the last few months, but there hasn't been anything life-altering, per se. I'll just focus on a few recent events.

1. I've been reading tons lately. Honestly, I feel like I've read more books in the past five months than I have in years. The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly is the one I'm sucked into at the moment. I'm a little over halfway through it.

2. I'm not sure if I shared, but G received his GED back in January and he recently enrolled at SPC. He starts in the fall and I couldn't be more proud of the steps that he is taking to better our life together. I, on the other hand, still have one exam to knock out ... math. Dun, dun, duuuuuuun, lol. I've been studying each day and it's slowly starting to come back to me. Fractions and algebra and geometry, oh my. However, I do feel as though I'm understanding it better now than I did whenever I was in high school so that's a good sign! After I receive my GED, I'm planning on enrolling at the same school as G. I'll probably only be able to take 1-2 classes a semester with work, but it's a better plan than waiting until after he's finished. Imagine that. The girl who was so against going back to school has changed her mind. I'm excited, although a little nervous.

3. In other news, I dyed my hair purple the other day (bottom left photo). Although it came out a tad bit on the red side of the spectrum. G keeps saying it looks like sangria, lol. Don't get me wrong, I love it! It just wasn't the exact shade I was going for.

4. On May 1st, my mama celebrated 30 years as a small business owner. We rounded up all of our employees and took them out for a nice dinner at Olive Garden to commemorate the special occasion. Just a heads up, if you have never tried their steak gorgonzola alfredo, you have really been missing out. It was great having everyone together. We really have a great team and I'm thankful for their hard work + dedication to our little family business. Without them, we wouldn't have gotten this far.

And, as a bonus, happy Star Wars Day to my fellow SW lovers out there :)

March 13, 2016

Currently ( March )

READING · I have been reading The Martian by Andy Weir on and off for a few months now, but I took a break from that to begin a book called Rescuing Hope: A Story of Sex Trafficking in America yesterday. I actually ended up finishing that entire book in about 4 hours, which was a first for me. I couldn't seem to put it down once the story started. It's heart-wrenching to think that similar, if not nearly identical, scenarios happen all of the time in our country. At the mention of sex trafficking, my mind automatically goes to third world countries. However, this is happening in our communities every single day. Since finishing that, I began a memoir called Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller. Seems interesting so we'll see if I stick with it.

WATCHING · Still plucking away at The X-Files on Netflix. We've refused to watch the new season until we're all caught up. G and I also began watching Battlestar Galactica on Hulu+ sometime last month. It's sci-fi, so you know I'm already a huge fan. It took G a couple episodes to get sucked in as well. Besides that, we've been keeping up with The Walking Dead every week.

LISTENING TO ·Trying to find new praise + worship music. Lately, I have been listening to I Am They, Gungor and All Sons & Daughters. Heard the song below on the radio last week and instantly fell in love with it.
DISCOVERING · To count it all as joy. We were unexpectedly hit with a rather large car repair last Monday. I took our car down to have an alignment because I noticed it was pulling to the left quite a bit. Lo and behold, our control arm was completely broken and needed to be replaced. Don't worry, I had no idea what a control arm was either. The mechanic let me know how "lucky" we were because he said our tires could have caved in while we were driving, no big deal. Glad God kept us safe while we were road trippin' to the other side of the state! I couldn't help but laugh when I heard how much it would cost us. I'm just learning to go with the flow + not stress about things that are out of my control. We paid it, it's fixed. That's all that matters.

PLANNING · Another trip to New Smyrna Beach with the mister. We visited the week before last (still have to share the details). We were only able to stay one night, but definitely enjoyed our time there. It's a great little area.

CRAVING · Freaking sushi, yo. I haven't been to my favorite sushi joint in months. My friend and I tried a new place in one of the malls near us, one that serves pre-made rolls on a conveyor belt system. Each color plate represented a different price point. You just take whatever you want as it passes your table. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I'm used to. Cool experience though.

WISHING · That I had more time to spend with my friends. Everyone is always so busy these days. #adultlife.

FEELING · A little unproductive. This has been one of the most uneventful weekends that I've had in awhile. I'm just not used to relaxing this much. I did manage to purge + organize our pantry yesterday, as well as finish that book I mentioned earlier. I did a load of laundry today, but most of my afternoon was spent revamping my blog (probably why I felt the need to actually post something) and reading more. Guess I should just be thankful for the free time, because I have much to do tomorrow.

PRAYING FOR · For God to give me wisdom as to who I should vote for. I'm really at a loss and I've even been contemplating not voting at all. The candidates aren't showing me anything. I'm certain it'll boil down to picking the lesser of two evils.

February 16, 2016

Goals for February

Well I suppose it's time to share some more goals now that January has come + gone, and February is already halfway over. Even though I didn't finish everything on my list, it was still a good month. Here's a little recap of what I set out to accomplish:

(✘) Spend time in prayer every morning. Still struggling with this one.

(✔✘) Take my social studies + science GED tests. Took social studies, but not science.

(✔) Finish one book.

(✘) Go on one family outing. Sadly, we weren't able to get away in January.

(✔) Lose five pounds. I lost about 3. Close enough!

(✔) Refrain from buying anything for myself. Besides an $8 knit sweater, I stuck to my guns.

(✘) Finish redoing our upstairs bathroom. Nope. Didn't happen. Should have, but it didn't.

February is halfway over, so I'll keep my list short and sweet for the month. The last two weeks were spent busting my butt at work, which means there wasn't much time for anything else. 

+ Finish another book.
I still have a handful of books that I have started reading, but have yet to finish.

+ Purge my closet + sell or giveaway the rejects.
It's that time of year again. I've collected too many clothing items over the past year, so it's time to weed through them. I'm bringing the ones I no longer wear down to Plato's Closet to see if I can get anything for them. The rest will go to Goodwill.

+ Finish gathering the final pieces for my gallery wall.
I'm really close to being done with this project (see below). I just need a few more picture frames before I can start hanging.

+ Do two fun outings with my family.
Since we didn't get to do anything in January, we're hoping to make up for it this month. We'd like to visit Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River to see the manatees + check out the things that they have added to Disney Springs (Downtown Disney).

+ Take the science portion of the GED test.
There was a lot of material that I had to relearn or refresh myself on when it came to science, which is partially the reason I didn't complete it last month. I've been plucking away at the lessons each day, and the info is starting to come back to me.

+ Plan a getaway with the hubby.
G + I haven't been away (just the two of us) in almost a year, so we're a little overdue for a romantic rendezvous.