Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding Closure

It's been one week since my dad passed away. We laid him to rest yesterday at Florida National Cemetery. I seriously thought I was going to lose it. To my surprise, I kept it together. It's not that I'm holding it all in. I simply feel numb and the reality hasn't had a chance to completely sink in.

I broke down a few times today. Tears even began to fall as I typed this post out. I keep having flashbacks of my Dad while he was suffering. He went through so much the past few months. This all happened so fast. I should've spent more time with him. I wasn't expecting him to go this fast.

I should have sat and spoken with him more. I should have prayed longer, harder. I know he's in a better place, but I miss him. My heart aches more with each passing day. It is tough. Jesus is definitely going to have to help me through this. I know He will. I need to pour my heart out to Him. I have to allow Him to heal my heart, take away all the pain and renew my faith.


  1. Omgoodness... I am so sorry. Seeing those pictures gave me chills. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    It's so hard when you lose someone, especially someone close to you. I hope you are able to grieve and share in the memories with your family!

  2. I can't imagine losing a parent. You are in my prayers, girl!

  3. "I should have sat & spoken with him more. I should have prayed longer & harder." I felt the same way and still do. We can't beat ourselves up or change what we didn't do. I try as best I can to dwell on what time I did spend with him and the prayers I did offer up on his behalf.