Developing from the Negatives

Oh, life. It's good, it's bad and sometimes it is just plain ugly. Good choices and bad decisions. Circumstances we have no control over and situations we could have avoided. We have all had points in our life that can teach us a thing or two. Life certainly isn't perfect and we can't avoid hardships. It's such a beautiful thing, but it can be down right awful at times.

I've faced a lot throughout the last 22 years. Most things I'd rather not share because it's between God, my husband and myself. He's the only one I've told about certain things and I would like to keep it that way. It's so important to embrace the good times and accept / learn from the bad. Take what you can from those hard times. Those moments shouldn't leave you bitter, but they should help mold you into a better person. Try to view each difficult situation as an opportunity for growth.

Be it spiritual, emotional or even physical. Everything you face in this life can teach you something, but only if you allow it to do so. It's ultimately up to you to decide what attitude you'll have when faced with opposition. You can let it bring you down, steal your joy and leave you merciless. OR you can pick yourself up, choose a different outlook and keep on keepin' on.

God never promised that we wouldn't have challenges in life, but He did say He would never leave us. If you're having a hard time with something, give it over to God. Pray about it and leave it in His hands. Ask Him to change your mindset on the matter. He'll help you to overcome it.


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