Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This Guy Right Here

I'm just so glad that I get to call him mine. I would have never imagined that I could love someone this deeply. He's my best friend. He's there to laugh with me in the good times, and comfort me in the not-so-good times. It's the little things he does for me that make me realize how truly blessed I am. Like the way he runs his fingers through my hair when I can't fall asleep at night, or cuddles me when I am not feeling well. The way he makes me feel safe by hugging me. How he encourages me  and covers me in prayer every night before he goes to sleep. God has been so good to us. I really can't thank Him enough for this gift of marriage. It's been such a sweet season for the both of us and I'm loving every second of it.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Our Little Tribe of Furries

I've had this blog for awhile now and I'm surprised that I've never shared about our fur-babes. They are each such a very big part of our lives. It's crazy how they each have their own unique personalities and quirks. They can be odd at times (okay, pretty much all the time), but I couldn't imagine life without them. Love these critters.

Orion. Also known as Big Man, though he's no longer the biggest of the bunch. He's about 10  years old. We took him in after a friend could no longer keep him. He has a bit of a mean streak since he was mistreated while he was young, but he's a sweetie. He loves being outside, but we put him up at night so he doesn't get into mischief.

Toby. Also referred to as Bubby. He's almost 8. Found him hiding under my Grandma's porch  one afternoon with his mama and a few other babies. Out of all the others, he was the only one who  took a liking to me. While his brothers and sisters played, he fell asleep on my lap. I guess you can  say that's when I fell in love. He's a big baby, and the largest of our gang now. He loves to cuddle, talk back when spoken to, and has a very strange obsession with our shoes. Haha.

Abigail Rose. Aka Abby. My princess pup. This little lady came into our lives back in 2008. She'll  be 5 this year. Funny story, really. I went to Petland to pick up an application and ended up buying her instead, hehe. Well, my parents paid for her (dogs are so expensive), so technically she belongs to my mama now. She is really the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She loves being babied, going on car rides and long walks ... oh, and treats. Lots and lots of treats.

Sammie. Goes by Sam-Sam, Samson, and Sammikins. Our youngest and most recent addition. He will be 2 soon. I cannot describe how much I love this little punk. He is the first pet that G and I adopted together; our kid-before-a-kid. He's unbelievably adorable and lovable. He loves to meow at the top of his lungs, especially if he knows we are awake in the mornings. He's such a Daddy's boy. Wherever Garrett goes, he follows. He also likes to sniff  + lick random objects around the house. It's the oddest thing I've ever seen. Oh, and food. Milk, cream, cheese, etc. He'll beg until you cave!