Friday, March 08, 2013

Recent Finds No. 5

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1. Really liking this firepit. Hoping to recreate one in our backyard in the future.

2. Buddha bowls. Wish these weren't so darn expensive, because I'd buy a few.

3. Arrow industrial bar. How cool is this? Actually found a similar one via Amazon.

4. A cucumber margarita recipe. Can't knock it until I've tried it, so I would give it whirl.

5. Beautiful painting. Too bad the person who uploaded it failed to link back to its source.


  1. loving that arrow industrial bar!!!

  2. I don't have any piercings and I never cared for them. The only thing I ever did want though was an industrial bar, and that one is gorgeous. Maybe I should bite the bullet and get one...

  3. That earring is awesome! Love the bowls too!