Saturday, April 13, 2013

Family + Food Trucks

I'm back a few days early! Guess I missed y'all too much. The past week has been filled with crazy work schedules, time with my love, birthday celebrations and a little blog revamping. I promise you, I will be keeping this layout for a long time!

Now onto some updating! This week was pretty darn craaazy. It had it's moments, but overall it was good. Last Saturday night my Nana (my sis-in-law's mama) was brought to the ER with bad dizzy spells. She couldn't walk and it gave us a scare. G and I went to visit her after church on Sunday. They decided to keep her overnight for tests. By Monday afternoon, she was on her way home. The doctors think it's her equilibrium. She has a follow up appointment this coming week.

My niece and nephew came over for a few hours on Monday. Uncle G taught them the ins and outs of gun safety. We'd like to bring them to the gun range soon. Since they're home-schooled, it will be an awesome extracurricular activity. Monday night = family night and yesterday was my bro's b-day. He hit the big 42! Strong drinks, good food and tons of laughs!

Both G & I were called into work for a few hours today. On our way, I noticed a food truck rally was taking place right down the street from our house. Whenever we got home, we changed and went to get food! I've been wanting to go to a rally for quite some time now, so I was really excited about the whole thing. Babe opted for a bacon wrapped hot dog, while I feasted on fry bread tacos. We had so much fun, even though it felt like it was 2875° outside. That's Florida for ya!

1) My love on Sunday lookin' all hot. 2) Abigail Rose. Sometimes I can't handle her cuteness. 3) Hands on gun safety. It was not loaded, obviously. 4) My sweetie pie. 5) Iced hazelnut latte made my moi. 6) My bro loved the grumpy cat t-shirt that we got him. 7) Trying to keep cool. 8) Fry bread tacos! 9) Goofballs.

Great Saturday week, fo sho.


  1. love the new blog design so fresh and clean! lol @27835 degrees!


  2. I'm absolutely in love with the new look - its beautiful!

    So glad your back! :)

    Oh, and send some Florida heat this way as it only 36 degrees here! :(

  3. I'm glad you are back!! And I absolutely LOVE the new blog design. Seriously, it looks fantastic!! As do those tacos...haha. Hope they find out whats going on with your Nana and get her back to feeling normal again!