Tuesday, May 07, 2013

He + She

( He )
// is the definition of a brainiac
// can make a killer omlette
// knows everything there is to know about guns + cars
// may or may not be a computer hacker
// cannot stand sports ( which she is thankful for )
// could live off mac 'n cheese, chicken strips & pizza
// is extremely tech savvy
// thinks most television shows / movies are too predictable
// has a deep hunger for knowledge
// listens to instrumental music while playing Call of Duty
// gives the best foot massages, ever
// is a backwoods country boy
// uses YouTube to learn just about anything
// has the biggest sweet tooth of all time
// graciously watches chick flicks with her
// is an incredible husband whom she loves tremendously

( She )
cannot live without coffee //
is borderline shy //
 claims every new show she watches is her favorite //
has a secret crush on Wentworth Miller //
  is freaked out by feet, but loves foot massages //
craves salty / spicy foods over sweets //
is so much smarter than she thinks she is //
can be a tomboy at times //
loves dolphins, owls & anything involving nature //
is obsessed with sushi //
 has a keen sense of direction //
wants to pursue photography as a career //
is a crazy cat lady ( but he doesn't mind ) //
loves to cuddle, but needs her space while sleeping //
is his best friend & the best wife he could ever ask for //
will make a great mother when the time comes //


  1. You two seem to perfectly compliment one another. :)

  2. Stopping by from the linkup, what a lovely post - you two seem wonderful for one another :)

  3. this was cute. did you fill it out for each other?
    stopping by from the link up :)

  4. I love this post! So cute!