Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why We're Waiting

When are you guys going to have a baby? It seems to be the question on everyone's mind and I've lost count of how many times we've been asked. So, let's talk about babies, shall we? G and I recently celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary (crazy, I know). Those 3 years passed by much quicker than I could have ever imagined. And, honestly, I thought that we would be parents by now. But, I'm so thankful that we aren't. You read right. I'm glad that we have decided to wait. There is still so much that we would both love to accomplish before we start a little family of our own. We're still very young and inexperienced in life.

Now and then there's an overwhelming tug at my heart and the desire to become a mama emerges. It's always been there, but more so since I became a wife. But no matter how much I want to have children, I know we're making a wise decision by waiting. It's hard enough being a young married couple. I'd still like more time to focus on our marriage before adding the pitter-patter of little feet into the mix.

So, honestly, I have no idea when we'll start a family. I used to say that I'd like to have our first by 25. I'll be 24 in December. If you were to ask me now, I would say when I'm 27-28. I wouldn't want to wait until my 30's. That's too long for me, but we'll see. There's still multiple factors to take into consideration when deciding when the right time will be. If it happens sooner than we plan, we'll still be happy. Ultimately it's up to God and I've learned to trust His timing.

I can only hope that we will be ready physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually before we have littles scurrying about. I want to be the best mama that I can be. My future children deserve the best of my husband and I. I don't want to rush into parenthood before I've had a chance to better myself. There are many lessons I've yet to learn; many experiences I've yet to encounter. So, as for now, we're waiting.


  1. We get asked that daily..literally. And one of the major reasons I love this post so much is because of how much I relate to it. I agree full-heartedly with your words.

  2. What a great post! My husband and I get asked this all the time- but we are in our 30s. Lately, we have been struggling with whether we want a child or not. At first, I was so stoked we were even entertaining NOT having a child. I thought that maybe that is exactly what I wanted. But... all of a sudden... something changed for me just within the last few days. No joke. And I do. And we are ready because, heck, at 33 I would hope I am!

    Perfect timing for this post. Thanks!

  3. Same here! My husband and I will be married almost 4 years and I'm 30 and we are still waiting. Granted I feel a lot closer to being ready than I was a year ago with just the thought of having a baby made my stomach jump.

    Everyone is always asking, when? When? When? I always respond when we know we'll let you know.

    I think it's wise to wait. I can truly say that my husband and I have truly enjoyed these years together (read alone) :)

  4. I get judges all the time for choosing to be childless. I think waiting is wonderful. Too many babies are having babies.

  5. Great post! I can really relate... I'm 25 and my husband is 30 and we have been married for 3 years. Everyone we know has kids!!! We just aren't ready, though. I mean, if we had a kid or two now it would be fine of course, but we want to wait. It seems to be unpopular to wait these days! Like you, though, I don't want to be in my 30s.. I still have plenty of time but with my husband being 30 I don't want him to be much older, either. So who knows?! I think you are right... only God knows!