Friday, July 26, 2013

Recent Finds No. 7

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1. Couldn't pass up this frozen thai iced coffee recipe. Looks delicious.

2. Rockabilly inspired makeup. Really liking this look lately. It's just so pretty.

3. Perfect little reading nook with book storage underneath. Cute + functional!

4. Life begins once Jesus becomes the reason you live it. — Couldn't agree more.

5. Anyone who knows me knows that I need this hoodie in my life. #crazycatlady.

6. This would be my go-to outfit. Distressed denim, stripes and Converse sneakers.

7. Was drawn to this painting for some reason. It's 'A Heavy Sky' by Clare Elsaesser.

8. My coffee would taste 1000x better if served in a grumpy cat mug each morning ;)


  1. That cat mug is too funny. Also, I'd love to have a little reading nook like that.

  2. I don't drink coffee or hot tea but I'd love to have a grumpy cat mug! Love those memes.