Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Letter to my Future Self

I'm not quite sure when you'll stumble upon this letter. Maybe you'll look back in a month or a years time. Or maybe a few years have passed by now. Well, whatever the case and wherever you find yourself today, embrace it. If there's one thing I've learned in the past 23 years, it's that time rushes by too quickly. Each second, every minute seeming far less shorter than the last. Years pass by within the blink of an eye.

I wonder if you wake each morning, making your way down the steps of that old two story house in the woods. Do you still like your coffee with cream or has that changed? I wonder if you've finally mastered the art of baking a cake, or is it still a daunting task? I wonder if you ever got around to taking archery or learned how to do sign language. Do you still stick with those lists of yours? I highly doubt that has changed. I wonder if you still procrastinate. I hope that you've managed to kick that habit by now.

Maybe you've finally decided on a career path, but know that it's alright if you haven't. I know that you know what you've been called to do. And you are probably scared to pursue it. Remember that God is directing your steps and He's already taken you this far, so trust Him. Trust that He's with you every step of the way, no matter where the call takes you. You should really know by now that He's got you covered.

I wonder if there are littles scurrying about or maybe you and Garrett are still waiting. If you have had children, love them with all that's inside of you. Cherish the late nights, the early mornings and every moment in between. They don't stay young forever. If you are still waiting, don't wait too long. No matter how many times you try to tell yourself that you aren't ready, I know you are. You are more than capable of being a good mama at this point in life. Please don't doubt yourself so much.

If you haven't realized it by now, you are loved. By God, by your husband, your family, your friends. Your potential is endless. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, to strive for a goal or to fail. Failure isn't that big of a deal. Not trying, on the other hand, is. Don't spend the rest of your life wishing you had done this or that. Go out and DO those things on your lists before it's too late. Less existing, more living.