Monday, November 25, 2013

Disney Vacation · The Resort

Last Monday, we packed up and headed to Orlando for a couple of days. As I mentioned on Twitter, I was a little too excited about going to Disney World again. I have only been about 10x in my life (far more than the average person, I know). What can I say? Living an hour and a half away from Mickey certainly has it's perks!

We only stayed for 2 nights, but it was fun while it lasted. My mama had been saving up money since last year so that we could stay at Disney's Wilderness Lodge together instead of booking a room at a regular hotel. We used to stay at the lodge almost every year after my 12th birthday. It became somewhat of a family tradition. I have to admit, being there this year brought back so many memories of my Dad. I really wish he could've joined us.

If you're ever visiting the Orlando area and have an opportunity to stay in one of the Disney resorts, I'd highly recommend staying at the Wilderness Lodge. Its rustic charm and tranquil ambiance will captivate you. Quaint little alcoves accompanied by toasty fireplaces and snug chairs are nestled into different areas of the lodge. And when Christmas rolls around, they really deck the halls. Wreaths and garland adorn the walls while a 60-foot Christmas tree takes center stage in the lobby. It's really a sight to see!

I was bummed when we checked in on Monday morning. I walked in hoping to see that giant tree, glistening in all its glory. When the automatic doors slid open, my heart sunk. But, upon check-in, I was informed that I may be able to see it during our stay. I shrugged it off since we would only be there for 2 nights. What were the chances? G said, "watch, you'll wake up in the morning and the tree will be there." Little did I know, he was right!

Whenever we went to grab dinner on Monday night, a women who worked there told me that they would be setting the tree up at midnight. She told me that every year, after her shift, she would get some hot cocoa and watch the team set it up. After years of admiring its beauty, we were finally able to see how it was assembled. We couldn't stay up the entire time since it takes all night, but it was very cool to witness.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing about our time at Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney :)


  1. Aww that's awesome! Glad you were able to see the tree get assembled!

    Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Ah, the wilderness beautiful. I want to stay there sometime in the future. And so glad you got to see the Christmas decorations! :) I LOVE Downtown Disney. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics! :)

  3. wow! that christmas tree wins. hands down! sooo pretty!
    and your trip looked so fun too!