Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Taste of Christmas

Our little tree went up last night. Now it's shinning bright in all its Christmasy glory. I used to hate fake trees. Up until last year, that is. Though, I must admit, it isn't as fun as picking out a tree and it certainly doesn't smell like pine (unless I spray it down with Febreze). It's just so easy to work with. No messy pine needles to sweep up, no watering it. Plus, our cats seem to leave it alone (they used to climb the real ones).

I tried two new recipes last night too! Kinda excited about that. I made cranberry orange pork in the crock-pot and baked my first apple pie from scratch. The pork was bangin', but I need to work on my pie baking skills. Just the crust, really. The recipe I was following called for lard (yuck), so I used butter instead. Well, it didn't turn out like I had hoped it would. But, the hubs liked it. So, there's that. I'm just glad I can scratch it off of my list now ;)


  1. we bought our little Christmas tree this weekend & I'm decorating it tonight. Looking forward to having something bright & shiny in the living room!

  2. Christmas decorating happens on Saturday, can't wait!

    love your tree ... and the pie looks really good! beautiful pictures