Tuesday, January 28, 2014

If I Were ...

I saw this post by Miranda (from Miranda Writes) and decided to post a list of my own. Most of these were taken from Miranda's version, but I added a few as well. Feel free to make one yourself. I definitely had fun filling it out.

A month, I would be May.
A country, I would be Ireland.
A time of day, I would be noon.
A planet, I would be Saturn.
A sea animal, I would be a jellyfish.
A direction, I would be South.
A liquid, I would be passion tea lemonade.
A gemstone, I would be a mystic fire topaz.
A tree, I would be a weeping willow.
A game, I would be Mad Gab.
A famous painting, I would be Van Gogh's Starry Night.
A flower, I would be a dahlia.
A kind of weather, I would be sunny.
A musical instrument, I would be a piano.
A piece of furniture, I would be an old writing desk.
A color, I would be boysenberry (purple).
A means of transportation, I would be a sailboat.
An emotion, I would be wonder.
A fruit, I would be a pomegranate.
A sound, I would be wind chimes on a breezy day.
A vehicle, I would be a 1948 Dodge pickup truck.
A state, I would be Georgia.
A place, I would be a the seaside.
A taste, I would taste like coconut macaroons.
A scent, I would smell like Moroccan rose.
An animal, I would be a wild mustang.
A random object, I would be a 35mm camera.
A body part, I would be an eyeball.
A song, I would be Lay Low by Katie Costello.
An item of clothing, I would be a pair of ripped blue jeans.


  1. Love this! I'm going to try to play along when I have a moment!!

  2. I love that you added some new ones, and all of your answers are so creative! :)