Thursday, January 02, 2014

One Little Word

One word. 365 days to pursue it, to thrive in it, to make it count. Last year, my word was simplify. I started out 2013 with high hopes of simplifying our lives. I managed to purge a good portion of our possessions and reorganized our finances the best I could. I also learned that life will never be as "simple" as I would like it to be at times. It's a living, breathing, untameable thing and I'm just along for the ride — I've fully accepted that.

This year, my word is RENEW
"To give fresh life or strength to. To make something new, fresh or strong again."

Beautiful, isn't it? This little word packs such a powerful meaning. I felt it resonating in my spirit long before the new year came along. In 2014 I want to renew my passions, renew my relationships (especially my relationship with Christ) and renew my overall zest for life. I really want God to breathe new life into my dreams, into my friendships, into my marriage, into every fiber of my being. In my writing, in my photography, in my art, in my music. You name it, it's about to be renewed and made stronger throughout the year. I'm so looking forward to living out this word!

So, friends, what is one word that you would like to live by this new year?