Saturday, March 08, 2014

Bringing Me Joy · Vol. 1

Recommencing our family nights.
I'm not quite sure when our family nights came to a halt, but it had been months since we'd had one. There were other opportunities for us to spend time together, but it wasn't the same as our Monday night hang out sessions!

Differing work schedules falling into place.
I was able to take about 15 days off from Target so that I can pull 12 hour shifts for my other employer starting on Friday. I was really worried that it wouldn't work out. After praying about it all, everything just seemed to fall together.

Finally having a date night with my boo.
This was so very long overdue. Both of our schedules have been a little crazy lately. We were able to go see Robocop together the other night. Good movie, great time with my guy (as always).

Gorgeous weather.
Well, not to brag or anything, the past few days have been absolutely perfect down here in the south (after the rain passed). I know I said that fall was my favorite season, but I totally lied. Spring makes my heart the happiest.

Trying a new restaurant.
Brick House Tavern + Tap is definitely a place I'll be going back to. We went there for lunch and their food was delicious! The only part that kinda stinks is the drive. It's all the way on the other side of town, but I think it's worth it.

Finding out that our avocado tree is producing.
We've had an avocado tree in our backyard for just about 9 years now. Every year we expected it to produce avocados and every year we've been disappointed, until this week! My mama noticed all the blooms. I'm so excited!

Purchasing Catching Fire on DVD.
Of course this would bring me joy. I'm a sucker for this book / film series. We went to see it in theaters, but I had to have it for my collection. Pretty sure I could watch them over and over and over again.


  1. I need to buy Catching Fire too! Obsessed just as well :)

    Date nights and trying new favorite restaurants are some of my favorite things.

  2. we kind of sound a lot alike right now actually! lol. by the way, how long has the avocado tree taken? my hubby wants one!