Friday, March 28, 2014

Eat Good, Feel Good

I wasn't planning on posting so late this evening. Not that I've ever been one to blog at a specific time, but today has been pretty busy. Between working and visiting Target for a sale on jeans that I just couldn't pass up, I didn't have the time to write sooner. Anyway. I'd really like to talk about health. And, no, this won't necessarily pertain to weight loss (though I am trying to drop a few about 15-20 pounds before my best friend's wedding in October). That's another post for another day.

"Eat good, feel good" — seems like a simple concept, right? Well, sadly, I've ignored those four little words for too long. My poor body was giving me warning signs, but I more or less shrugged those off too. I was under the false impression that I had been eating well, that my body was healthy. I guess I should have paid more attention to the headaches, the extreme fatigue, the terrible mood swings and the irregular stomachaches. Maybe then I would've changed the way I ate sooner.

I believe that we eat fairly well. We buy mostly organic meats, fruits and veggies and try our best to stay away from heavily processed foods. We do, however, keep some bad food choices in our household such as microwave popcorn, frozen pizzas and the occasional carton of ice cream or pack of cookies. We also have a bad habit of ordering in or eating out more than we should. I tend to overeat too (emotional eater right here), which only makes matters worse.

A few weeks back, I decided to take a step back and really evaluate everything that I was putting into my body. I quickly became fully aware of the problem. I think it was somewhere between choosing a bacon cheeseburger over a salad and reaching for the ice cream instead of a piece of fruit. It was obvious. I had been in denial. This wasn't real food. These things held little to no nutritional value. It's no wonder I wasn't feeling well. I was eating crap! Eat crap, feel like crap (duh).

carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners & colors, processed foods

After I finally saw the light, I decided it was time to cut the crap. And that's when I began to notice the differences — in the way I felt physically and mentally. It was the wake up call I had needed. Now I have increased mental clarity and tons more energy. My headaches have subsided substantially and I can't even recall the last time I had a stomachache. My mood swings still came around that time of month, but they weren't as severe. I'm also happier (more serotonin production).

Whenever I'm about to make a bad food choice, I'm instantly reminded of how that food made me feel (lethargic, moody, bloated, achy, etc.) and I can't bring myself to eat it. G ordered a cheeseburger this afternoon and I wasn't even tempted to sneak a couple bites. It just isn't worth it anymore. I've been eating lots of vegetables/fruits, lean meats, whole grains and some dairy. My water intake has nearly tripled as well. I know now that I was walking around dehydrated most of the time.

On Wednesday, I went full out vegetarian mode and actually enjoyed it. My taste in produce has been surprising me lately. I used to hate tomatoes, bell peppers and avocados. But now I'm hooked! Though I still can't handle tomatoes unless they're cooked or on a sandwich/wrap. It's a texture thing. Anyway, in closing, I'm choosing real food from here on out. Foods that will actually give my body what it needs to function properly. You can't turn a blind eye to your health. Not now, not ever.

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