Friday, April 04, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

It's easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life or express that which we really don't care for, but I'd rather focus on the things that make me happy. As soon as I saw that Erin (from Two Thirds Hazel) and Sarah (from Venus Trapped in Mars) were doing the same, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join in the fun! Everyone should make a list of their own.

+ Finding that perfect coffee to creamer ratio.

+ Being in God's presence (be it through worship or prayer).

+ Binge watching shows on Netflix with my husband.

+ Spending time with my husband, period.

+ Iced coffee, hot coffee, coffee in general.

+ Family gatherings that involve laughing, eating and drinking.

+ Having heartfelt conversations with sweet friends.

+ Sushi nights.

+ Taking care of my little fur-babies.

+ Mexican food accompanied by margaritas.

+ Taking way too many photos for my own good.

+ Witnessing a break-taking sunset.

+ Pizza (especially if it's from Cristino's Coal Oven).

+ Listening to the birds singing outside my window.

+ Clean sheets that are fresh out of the dryer.

+ Being anywhere near the ocean / on the beach.

+ Baseball season / cheering on the Rays.

+ Lighting up a new scented candle in our home.

+ Enjoying a nice book on a rainy afternoon.

+ Spending time outdoors on a bright sunny day.

+ Lunch dates with my girl friends.

+ Buying new stationary or coffee mugs or nail polish.

+ Long drives down country back roads.

+ Fresh flowers in the spring.

+ Having a drink after a long stressful day.

+ Successfully painting my nails without messing them up.
+ Nailing a new recipe on the first try.

+ Discovering new music and rediscovering old favorites.

+ Chilly nights around the fire pit.

+ That first shave with a brand new razor.

+ Feeling accomplished after completing a tough workout.

+ Traveling / taking road trips and exploring new places.

What are a few things that make you happy?

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  1. Fire pits are the BEST. I want to go sit in front of mine now!