Thursday, April 03, 2014

An Afternoon at the Dali Museum

Today couldn't have worked out better. Yesterday morning, one of my supervisors at Target called me to ask if I'd be willing to take today off. Of course I was more than okay with that (even though that means I'll be getting 0 hours this week). G and I had been planning to visit the Dalí Museum in St. Pete for months over a year so I figured it would be the best day to go.

We took a short trip over the bridge and spent our afternoon wondering around the galleries, scoping out the artwork and trying our best to interpret it all. The museum is showcasing some of Andy Warhol's work this month too. Let's just say, both exhibits were interesting! I really enjoyed Dalí's earlier work and a handful of his pieces that displayed surrealism. Others were just plain weird and definitely made us laugh. The guards kept looking at us like we were being too loud (oh, well).

After viewing all that the museum had to offer, we made our way down the narrow spiral staircase to the café located in the lobby. G suggested that we should sit outside to sip our lattes. The view was great and the weather was absolutely gorgeous (good call, babe). We spent some time chatting then roamed the gift shop. I ended up purchasing a handful of postcards, and then we decided to head back home. It was an extremely enjoyable afternoon.

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