Friday, April 18, 2014

Currently // April

I'm an emotional wreck today. Could be hormones, could be this perpetual rain that decided to barge into our sunshiny state, or it could be because I haven't unplugged and reconnected with God lately (I'm 99.9% sure it's the latter). Whatever the cause, I don't like it and I'll just leave you with this little post since I have too many thoughts swirlin' around my brain at the moment.

EATING · A piece of toast with coconut oil, peanut butter and raw honey to hold me over until dinner is done. I tried the whole "eat a spoon full of coconut oil a day" thing, but it makes me gag. Adding it onto toast or into my coffee will have to do!

DRINKING · My third cup of coffee, even though it's late and I know I'll more than likely regret it once bedtime rolls around. Oh, well. I'll just have to pop a melatonin pill before I plan to go to sleep. Works every time!

MISSING · The sunshine. What's up with this rain? It came out of nowhere and it's really messing up my plans. G and I were hoping to go fishing at some point today, but that obviously didn't (and will not) happen. Boo.

READING · Insurgent by Veronica Roth (only a few chapters left to go) + The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

WATCHING · Lately we've been watching 'Til Death on Netflix. My friend and I stumbled onto it one day and once I showed G, we were hooked. Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher are hilarious! I highly recommend it (especially if you're married).

WISHING · That I were on vacation right now. I'd much rather be sitting in a cozy cabin in the mountains or walking along the beach with a frozen fruity drink in my hand than being stuck inside at home on a rainy day.

PLANNING · Our anniversary trip is pretty much planned (booked the hotel last night), so I've moved onto planning our family beach vacation for this fall. Trying to figure out how much dough we'll have to save up in the next few months.

LISTENING TO · "Ordinary" by Copeland (their new release). Is anyone else as excited as I am that the band is back together?!

CRAVING · A bacon cheeseburger. I've been having this craving on and off for days now! Surprisingly enough, I haven't caved yet. Sure, it would taste great. But, sadly, it would make me feel like a fat lard. So, that will be a no-go.

SMELLING · Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss body spray (or "fragrance mist" as they call it) from Bath & Body Works.

FEELING · Like I said at the beginning of this post, my feelings are all over the place. Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I just plain bored? I really wish I knew! Haha. I've been up and down all day. Isn't being a woman great?

ANTICIPATING · Having some one on one time with God in a little bit. I know it'll help me sort out whatever this is I'm going through emotionally. I'll be glad whenever I start feeling like myself again!


  1. I must try coconut oil, raw honey & peanut butter on toast. I usually put all three on a spoon for energy before a workout :)

  2. One on one time with. God is always a must especially when you have things in your heart that you feel you need to work through.

  3. Ugh, the rain has been here lately too...bringing the cold with it.

    I have coconut oil but I haven't tried it yet. The toast or coffee both sound like good ideas!

  4. If you need anything let me know. I'm always here for you! !