Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bringing Me Joy · Vol. 3

Trying out new facial scrubs.
I can't believe I'm even admitting this right now, but I had never used a face mask (of any kind) before. I picked up a bunch a few days ago and although it was kinda weird at first, I like using them now. I'm planning on making some soon too.

Updating the hardware on our kitchen cabinets.
I posted this photo to my Instagram on Wednesday. We spent the morning switching out all of the old (as in over 20 years) hardware on our kitchen cabinets. We're slowly making upgrades throughout the house.

Having lunch at our favorite pizza spot.
G and I introduced my mama to our favorite little pizza place on Thursday afternoon. We tried Cristino's Coal Oven Pizza for the first time last year and the rest is history. It'll ruin you for all other pizzas (seriously the best I've ever had). Unfortunately, it's a good 45 minute drive from our house, but they just opened a second location that's closer to us.

Afternoons spent by the pool.
Summer has arrived here in the south and goodness, it is HOT (or should I say hotter than usual). My friends and I have been taking full advantage of the heat by soaking up some rays by the pool on our free days.

Evening thunderstorms.
Thunderstorms keep rollin' in every evening. Normally the rain makes me feel depressed, but that hasn't been the case recently. I know to get my errands done earlier in the day, then I settle in and get all cozy at home before the storms start.

Google Chromecast.
If you don't have it, you need to get it. We just purchased it for our living room mainly as we have a smart TV in our bedroom already. This little gadget is so handy and well worth dishing out $35 for. Yay for more Netflix marathons!

I started this little series back in March as a way to document the simple things that bring me joy throughout my week, but I feel like I've been neglecting it. I'm hoping to share these posts more often. What's been bringing you joy lately?

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