Monday, July 07, 2014

Playing Catch-up

Well, hey there, peeps! In case you were wondering, I haven't gone missing or anything. June seemed to zip right on by and life was throwing us one curve ball after another. After my mama injured herself a few weeks ago, I came down with a pretty bad infection myself. Needless to say, it was a rough month. In those rare moments that I managed to steal away and put aside for myself, I wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed and watch shows on Netflix or waste time scrolling through Pinterest. We all know how that is, but now it's time to play a bit of catch-up. I feel like I've fallen behind on so many things, so, here goes!

Let's rewind to July 3rd. Remember when I shared about going to see Lindsey Stirling in concert? Well, it happened! And despite standing in the pouring rain, having beer spilled on me and dealing with obnoxious drunk folks, it was amazing! By the time the 3rd rolled around, my antibiotics had kicked in (thank you, Jesus) and I was feeling 100x better. Being able to witness such a talented violinist play live was truly a blessing. The girl knows how to work a bow! G and I really enjoyed ourselves.

Here's a couple grainy iPhone videos I captured for your viewing pleasure:

The 4th of July was spent at my brother's house, which seems to be the gathering spot for all major holidays. We feasted on tacos and a bangin' banana split brownie ice cream cake that my sissy-in-law whipped up. Not your typical Independence Day fare, but boy was it good. It was raining the whole day, so fireworks were a no-go. Though we did see a bunch while driving home. The 4th also would have been my mom and dad's 44th anniversary, which is bittersweet since he's no longer with us.

Besides those 2 rather eventful days, I've got nothin' for ya. I've been catching up with work and things around the house, but that's about it. And the weather we've been having lately is crazy. Summer in Florida = rainstorms galore. We're waterlogged.

Hope you all are doing well! Can't wait to get back into sharing more with y'all.

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  1. I am so behind in the blog world too. It's been since like 4 months since I've written or read. :( Uhhh, that ice cream cake sounds AMAZING! And I'm glad you are feeling better!