Friday, October 03, 2014

6 Hours in Atlanta

Well, Wednesday was certainly an adventure! Lauren's van finally made it back to the states from Germany and she was told that it was ready for pick-up in Georgia. So, naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to visit my favorite state with my best friend even though I was aware that it would be a very quick trip. And when I say quick, I mean less than 24 hours quick (but it was totally worth it).

It was an early morning. We boarded our plane around 5:00AM and made it to Atlanta by 9:00. There was a slight layover in Charlotte, NC (which really made little sense to us), but the tickets were cheap so it wasn't that big of a deal. After arriving in ATL and hailing a taxi from the airport, we were able to get her van and headed downtown to explore before our 7+ hour drive back home to Tampa.

First stop? Octane Coffee. Lauren had heard nothing but good things about this coffee shop and it was pretty good. We both had their caramellato (yum) and shared a couple macarons. After that, we headed across the street to Bellwoods Social House for some lunch. We split an order of fried okra and pickles (so good) and I devoured the best smoked chicken tacos + street corn I had ever had. Lauren chose the steak and fig sandwich. Everything was bursting with flavor. If you're ever in Atlanta, I would highly recommend this place!

We were really hoping to find an area with little boutiques instead of scoping out the mall scene, but we ended up at Lenox Square. It was a bit overwhelming since the place is huge. We walked around for awhile and by the time we were finished it was after 3:00. We made one last stop into Target for the essentials (a cell phone charger + comfy pants), then waved goodbye to Atlanta and hit the road.

About 3 hours into our drive, we noticed a sign for Big Peach Antique mall. As to be expected, we stopped in to check it out. 2 hours and a few purchased later, we were back on the road. It was such a neat place. The drive back was pleasant. Lauren and I reminisced about the past, sharing story after story. We jammed out to music, watched the cotton fields sail by and admired the sun as it dove into the horizon. We made it back around midnight and after 21+ hours of total travel time / being awake, we were both ready to knock out.

It was a great trip, even if we were away for less than 24 hours ;)

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