Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently // October

READING · I started reading The Maze Runner after we went to see the movie last month. I really enjoyed the movie, despite all of the bad reviews. So much so that I had the book downloaded to my Kindle app as soon as we got home from the theater.

WATCHING · Raising Hope. My brother introduced G and I to it a few weeks ago. It's stupid-funny, but it keeps us laughing!

LISTENING TO · Sleeping at Last. I doubt I'll ever get tired of listening to this band. Songs on repeat lately include: Neptune, I'll Keep You Safe, Watermark, Woodwork and Next to You. There's just something about his voice + all the instruments. Love it.

DISCOVERING · That I have the ability to be extremely strong-willed (which often teeters on the edge of stubbornness), especially if someone tells me that I can't do something. I'm 99% sure that I get it from my dad.

PLANNING · Our front porch / patio area remodel. My uncle and cousin began working on it last week and we've been throwing tons of ideas around for the design + layout. I'll just be glad once it's completed in a couple of days.

CRAVING · An iced dirty chai latte, but this homemade pumpkin spice coffee that I'm sipping on will suffice for now.

WISHING · I had the time to catch up on all things blog related. Real life has been draining me of all my energy lately, so I've been placing blog life on the back burner. I'm jealous of peeps who can successfully juggle both and put out awesome content.

FEELING · Kinda worn out. The past two days have been nonstop work. I'd like a break now, please. But, this is just the beginning. I'll be running errands tomorrow, 12 hour work days start on Wednesday and my bestie's wedding is on Saturday!

PRAYING FOR · My family, mostly. It's been a rough year for many of them. I'm praying that God gives them peace of mind, strength and discernment as they navigate through this rocky season.

TRYING · To manage my time better and be more productive on my days off.

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