Sunday, December 07, 2014

Currently // December

READING · I am still trying to trek my way through The Night Circus again. But The Glass Castle just came in the mail a couple of days ago, so I'll probably start that soon. I'm forever starting (and not finishing) good books.

WATCHING · Really trying to get into The Walking Dead, but gore just isn't my thing. Other than that, Christmas movies. Though we are on the hunt for a new binge-worthy Netflix show if anyone has any recommendations for us.

LISTENING TO · Christmas tunes (obviously) and lots of violin + instrumental music (nothing new there). Have y'all heard of Pentatonix? If not, look them up. So dang good. Here's a music video of theirs that has been circling around the web:

DISCOVERING · That I've developed a bad habit of entertaining gossip at work and it has to stop. If I hear my coworkers / friends talking poorly about each other, I should walk away instead of getting involved by sharing my opinions on the matter(s).

PLANNING · A back-up plan for my birthday just in case we end up having to work that day (we were planning on going to Disney's Hollywood Studios). My good friend already assured me that she'd be baking a cake for me if that scenario plays out.

CRAVING · Coffee ice cream. I need something sweet to balance out the burger I just downed at BurgerMonger ;)

WISHING · That I could have a day off in between some of these 12 hour shifts I've been pulling! But, then again, I really can't complain. I'm making money, the workload has been relatively light and I get to work with my family.

FEELING · From reading my answer above, you can probably gather that I'm a bit worn out at the moment. Having to wake up at 4:30 for work every morning means I'm ready for bed come 8:00.

PRAYING FOR · My brother's current situation. I won't go into details here. He and his family have had a very rough year and I'm praying that God will work everything out in their favor. I'm trusting Him for a miracle.

TRYING · To make the best of all that life is throwing at us. Nothing is worth stressing about and God is still in control.