Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Rundown

Normally I don't get too excited whenever the weekends come about since I'm not a Monday-Friday worker and most Saturdays involve closing at Target, but this past weekend was pretty eventful. 

FRIDAY • On Friday afternoon, I noticed that there was going to be a food truck rally later that evening in downtown St. Pete. Since my other plans for the day had fallen through, I shot Lauren a text before she got out of work to see if she'd be interested in going. Once she found a sitter, G and I made plans to pick her up. The rally turned out to be kinda lame, not gonna lie. But, we made the best of it. We grabbed some tacos and then found our way to a rooftop lounge called The Canopy to get some drinks. A couple shots of whiskey and let's just say I haven't had that much fun in a long time!

SATURDAY • After sleeping in for a little while, we met up with my aunt and uncle for lunch at Mr. Dunderbak's for some authentic German food. I had been wanting to try this place for quite some time and it was just as good as I imagined it would be. I still have to plan to go back with Lauren since she'd be the real judge after living in Germany the past 3 years. Saturday evening was my last shift (until April) at Target. It wasn't busy, which I liked, but the hours seemed to drag by.

SUNDAY • Our good friends, Jennifer and Jose (the ones that got hitched back in October), were down visiting from northern Florida so we made plans to meet up with them for sushi on Sunday afternoon. I swear we sat and talked for over an hour after we finished our meals. I miss them living closer. I mean, they only moved about 3 hours away from us, but still. We're hoping to drive up and stay with them a couple days in February or March *fingers crossed*. After we said our goodbyes, G and I headed to Shooters World to trade in his Glock 17 for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380. I wasn't sure how I felt about such a tiny gun, but it's growing on me and it's definitely a better EDC (everyday carry) gun. I was very surprised that they were able to do an even trade, so we only had to pay $30 for G's background check.

I also took my first trip to Trader Joe's on Sunday. As soon as we were leaving the gun shop, Lauren asked me if I wanted to go with her so I jumped on the opportunity. Our local Trader Joe's is about a 30 minute drive from us and I haven't had the time I've been too lazy to drive over there. Although, once I bought a handful of items and tried them out, I knew I'd be going back. Cookie butter, ground espresso, balsamic glaze, roasted red peppers. Yeah, I'll be back soon.

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