Saturday, February 07, 2015

20 Sure Signs That You're a Cat Owner

1. No outfit is complete without tiny hairs attached and you view it as an accessory.

2. Bottle caps, straws and feathers are scattered throughout your home.

3. Alarm clock? Negative. You awake to the ear-piercing sound of bellowing meows.

4. More than 50% of the scars on your body were caused by claws (and/or teeth).

5. You have to channel your inner ninja whenever opening and closing doors.

6. Your lap is primarily a gleaming vacancy sign, no matter what you're doing.

7. You own Christmas stockings that picture paw prints, fish or mice on them.

8. A stick with some feathers or a laser pointer creates hours of amusement.

9. You own a credit card primarily for vet visits (which can be rather expensive).

10. Your grocery list includes tuna, catnip treats and fur mice.

11. You've become accustomed to speaking in baby-talk, but have no babies.

12. Sometimes you get the feeling that itty-bitty eyeballs are peering through your soul.

13. You have more hair in your vacuum bags than you have dirt.

14. Going to the bathroom is never a solo activity.

15. You've started to be rather sensitive to loud and/or high-pitched noises.

16. You always save a little milk when you're done with your cereal.

17. More often than not, you save the cardboard boxes rather than tossing them.

18. The sight of little piles of puke and/or hairballs no longer make you gag.

19. You look around before opening a carton of milk, pack of cheese or can of tuna.

20. You've given up all hope of ever having a hairless sofa.


  1. Hahahaha this is so true~ I love it! =^o^=

    I found your blog through the Totally Awesome Blog Hop~ hope you're enjoying your Thursday!

  2. HAHA! This is so true/cute! your kitty is so cute!


  3. So, so true! Especially the looking around before opening a can of tuna! So funny!

  4. Hahah, these are fantastic and definitely true. I am pretty sure that cats DO know what we are saying and can communicate with us, however silly that may be. :)