Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recent Finds No. 15

1. How true are the words on this print? The bare wall directly above my desk could really use some encouraging messages, and I believe this one would go perfectly. It would be a great reminder when I'm battling anxious feelings.

2. Have any of you guys ever tried broiling grapefruit before? I have not, but this recipe for broiled grapefruit with honey and bananas has made me want to try it soon. We have two grapefruit trees in our backyard, so I have no excuse for waiting.

3. I have this intense obsession with the sea, and it's mostly due to being around it so much growing up. Since I was little, I have been visiting the port with my parents (for their line handling business). And the majority of men in my family were tugboat captains as well (my dad, grandpa, and two uncles) So, as you can imagine, it feels like this love of nautical elements has been engrained in me over the years. With all that being said, I'm very fond of this illustration.

4. I would have never thought to create a photo display using driftwood like this one. I'm thinking this would be a nice addition to our bedroom, especially since I've been looking for a creative way to showcase our photos for some time now.

5. Lately I have been drawn to abstract art such as this art print by Lucy Knott on Society6. Anything that showcases a black and white image with a pop of color tends to catch my eye easily (and I have a thing for hands).

6. Bokeh city lights (taken in Bangkok I believe). Love how colorful this shot is. The photographer did a fantastic job of turning something as ordinary as a city street into a work of art. I only wish that I could find the original source.

7. This whole tabletop terrarium trend has my attention. I know that they've been around for ages now, but after seeing this ship terrarium, I decided that I need to buy one (or make one myself since it's mad easy).

8. These baked margarita chicken wings look tasty. The recipe sounds simple and doesn't call for many ingredients. #score.

9. Again with the words. Well, this quote is pretty spot on. Let's focus more of our attention and effort onto being kind, funny, smart and strong instead of wasting time trying to fit into the superficial mold that society has so kindly provided us.

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