Thursday, May 07, 2015

Currently // May

READING · Lately I've been trying my best to stick with one book at a time instead of reading multiple. After finishing up Safe Haven and The Antelope in the Living Room, I jumped into Restless: Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's really hitting home and I've gotten a lot out of it already.

WATCHING · Don't laugh, but I really like this new iZombie show on The CW. It's loosely based off of a comic book series. The main character, Olivia "Liv" Moore turns into a zombie after being attacked at a party she attended. She then starts working at a morgue in order to get her fill of brains (yum). Whenever she eats the brains of murder victims, she experiences flashbacks that give her clues to how they were killed. Sounds a bit morbid, I know. Then again, zombies are pretty grim to begin with. Besides that, I've been catching up on my guilty pleasure, Teen Mom. I've been binge-watching thanks to Hulu.

LISTENING TO · Mostly NEEDTOBREATHE (I really wish I could see them in concert next Wednesday night) + the soundtrack from The Theory of Everything. I didn't have the desire to see the movie, but I find the soundtrack to be extremely calming.

DISCOVERING · That the anxiety I've been dealing with over the past few weeks is totally avoidable. I have the ability to choose which thoughts to entertain and which thoughts to refrain from dwelling on. Our minds are like battlefields and every time a negative thought tries to invade, I have the power to make it leave. Coming to that realization has helped me cope with life + stress better. I decide what stays in my mind and I will no longer allow negativity, fear and depression to reign.

PLANNING · Our anniversary celebration. We'll both be working (together) on our actual anniversary, but I have something special all planned out once we get a free day. I'm hoping it all works out! 5 years is kind of a big deal (these days).

CRAVING · A toasted Cuban sandwich + stuffed potato ball from Coco's Sandwich Shop. Whenever we're working in the port (importing/exporting orange juice), we visit this shop regularly on account of it being right down the street. We haven't had an OJ ship in since March so I haven't had my fix. But, there's a ship coming in tomorrow, so I'll get both soon enough.

WISHING · I had a little extra money to work with at the moment. There are a handful of things I'd like to buy and some places I would love to go, but I'd rather be responsible with the money we have and use it on things we actually need.

FEELING · Expectant. I'm excited to see what the future holds for my family and I. There are big things on the horizon.

PRAYING FOR · God's guidance and peace as I'm in this season of transitioning (with work + trying to figure out the best plan for going back to school and all that jazz).

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