Monday, September 14, 2015

Took a Trip to Jax

In case you were unaware or are currently living under a rock somewhere, we're halfway through September already. And that, my friends, straight up boggles my mind. I haven't blogged in over a month, which basically means that I have died or I am now carrying a tiny human inside of me according to blog-land terms. Rest assured, because neither of those scenarios have played out in my case. No, I'm falling back on my favorite and most overused excuse; I've been busy. Well, that's only partially true. I've experienced a little downtime over the past month, but I sure as heck didn't feel like blogging because, you know, there's this thing called Netflix and I enjoy vegging the freak out from time to time most of the time #letsbereal.

It's been well over two months since I shared anything that's happened in my life. My last currently post was actually way back in June (yikes). And the only thing that I really shared about in July was finding out about my friend's cancer diagnosis. She ended up having a hysterectomy and she'll be starting her chemotherapy the first of October (prayers are very much appreciated + her GoFundMe account is still live if you'd care to donate). I have faith that God will carry her through this.

There's just a handful of things that I feel are worth sharing when it comes to my life. First things first, I passed my first GED exam (with honors) back in July. It was just the language arts portion, but it felt good to get it out of the way. And passing with a high score wasn't so bad either. I celebrated over a passion tea lemonade and moved onto studying the next subject (social studies). Just three more tests to go and I'll be ready to tackle the next step in furthering my education + career.

In early August, I took a trip to Jacksonville / Atlantic Beach with my good friend, Amanda, to visit our other friend, Jennifer. She's the one who got married last October. Hard to believe their one year anniversary is a month away. We left on a Friday evening and stayed until Monday afternoon. The weekend was spent on the beach, lounging around the pool and hitting up the beach bars (so much fun). We also spent a night in, baked cookies, painted our nails, did face masks + watched a chick flick. Ya know, the whole shebang! It was a fantastic trip. On the way back home, Amanda and I stopped into St. Augustine (she had never been) for a little bit. The only hiccup we had driving back was an unforeseen tire separation. Thankfully, we were able to drive my car (very slowly) to the nearest Tire Kingdom where they put my spare on free of charge.

Last week, my husband stepped down from his supervisor position and called it quits. Without going into too much detail or letting my anger dictate what I'll say, his boss (the guy who took over for my dad when he passed away) is not management material. He's not good with people and his heart just isn't in it. All he cares about is the money and my husband finally had enough. It wasn't the job, at all. It was all the drama that went along with it. I just think it's funny that after he quit, three other employees followed his lead and quit as well. Our income will be taking a cut + our budget will need readjusting. But, sometimes the stress just isn't worth the extra money. God has always provided for us and I trust Him. G would have had to quit next year anyways because he's planning on going back to school. I was upset at first, but I think the whole situation is best summed up in a song lyric from Casting Crown's 'Just Be Held' — "Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place".

And, last but not least, we were finally able to book our family vacation. We normally go this time of year, but I wasn't sure if it would be possible this time around. God worked it all out and we'll be able to get away for 3 days next week. We're going to Orlando (no, not Disney). We're staying at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort + hopefully visiting Universal Studios as well. I mentioned it in this post. It may not seem like much to some people, but it's really difficult to get away when you run a family business that's open 24/7 and 3 days away with my family sounds like perfection right now. We're all pumped.

Welp, I believe I covered just about everything. Sorry for the lengthiness, peeps!

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