Monday, January 04, 2016

2016 Vision + Goals

If you haven't realized by now, vision / mood boards are my jam. I started creating them last year and I feel as though my love for them has since expanded. Just as I did in the early days of last year, I decided to piece one together to reflect my overall vision for 2016. My focus for 2015 was simple, really. I wanted to set my sights on doing things I love to do, visiting places I had never been and learning new things. I can say I accomplished some of the goals I set for myself, however I wasn't able to achieve them all. Though I'm content with what I was able to do. 2015 was certainly well spent. I participated in activities that made me feel alive, I explored many destinations that I hadn't previously seen (mostly local gems that we stumbled upon) and I learned a lot (essentially about myself). It was a year of growth and reformation. I can only hope that this year measures up!

I've never been too big on "resolutions", but I am hoping that this year will bring more growth — be it spiritually, mentally or physically. I would say that my two main focal points for the year are balance and overall well-being. I want to find a balance between working + playing, between spending + saving, between healthy eating + splurging, between being gracious + being assertive. I'd also like to keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I would absolutely hate to come to a place in my life where I'm comfortable or complacent. I want to continually be transforming into a better version of myself.

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I'd like to focus my efforts towards a handful of goals in each of the following categories instead of forming a very long, rather daunting, list. I'd love to start sharing smaller monthly goals here as well in hopes of keeping myself more accountable.

SPIRITUAL • Have time in prayer before scrolling through social media in the mornings, study the Word of God more out of intent / less out of habit, and get more involved with a group of like-minded believers (church).

MARRIAGE • Learn how to appreciate + embrace all of our differences, have prayer time together more often, work on our communication techniques, and continue discovering new ways to show love to each other.

FINANCIAL • Start budgeting, pay off our credit cards, rebuild our savings account, and put money aside for our schooling.

ORGANIZATION • Keep giving away (or selling) items that we no longer want / need, complete all of our unfinished house projects, and come up with an easy filing system for all of our important documents.

CAREER • Take my last 3 remaining GED tests, attend a meetup at The Iron Yard + take a tour of their Saint Pete campus and do more research about web / application development so I know what I'm getting myself into (ha).

HEALTH • Eat healthy at least 5 days out of the week, stay hydrated (water>coffee), keep active throughout the day (use my Fitbit more often), lose about 5 pounds a month, take my multivitamin daily, and figure out how to cope with stress better.

OTHER • Travel when our budget allows, explore more local hidden gems, start Rosetta Stone Spanish courses, get a concealed carry permit, read one book a month, reconnect + make time for my family, and cross more off my dream list.


  1. These goals (and the mood board) are exquisite!! Thank you for linking up with us!

  2. These goals and the mood board are great! I'm also working on fitness and organization at the moment! Best of luck with your goals and thanks for linking up!

  3. Your vision board is beautiful and I love your idea of trying to focus on balance and well-being. I also love your spiritual goal--I need to put prayer time before social media time too. Good luck in 2016, I hope it's a great year! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Shea |

  4. Ooh, what a GORGEOUS moodboard! I love every single one of these photos and I especially love what you said about spending more time in the Word BEFORE scrolling through social media. I'm totally guilty of that one. :)

    Here's to a goal-accomplishing year! :) Thanks for linking up!