Thursday, January 14, 2016

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READING · I just finished reading The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer a few hours ago! So now I'm trying to decide which book to dive into next. Over the years I've noticed that I read nonfiction books much faster than fiction, but I love me some dystopia! With that being said, I'm leaning towards The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I've seen the first + second movie, and I began reading it last year. But, as you can probably guess, I didn't finish. I'm pretty sure I only got through the first two chapters. I updated my Goodreads to-read list yesterday so I definitely have options. I'm just not certain which one I will pick!

WATCHING · We have actually been focusing on The X-Files since it will be returning soon (!!!) and Helix (the second season is straight up weird, yo). I was gorging on Grey's until I got all caught up. Then I tried to fill the void with Private Practice, but it's just not the same. G and I started catching up on an unwatched season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but we finished that up quickly.

LISTENING TO · Nothing new, which is kinda sad. I need to take some time to research new music this coming week. I've just been sticking with my instrumentals (the song below has been on repeat for weeks), Needtobreathe, Sleeping at Last + Adele.
DISCOVERING · That our thoughts (as well as our words) are very powerful and I really need to focus on the positive rather than allowing negativity to dictate my behavior. That Joyce Meyer book I just finished was basically life changing for me.

PLANNING · A trip to the theater with my mama to see Disney's The Lion King when it starts next week.

CRAVING · I was craving tacos (as usual), but that craving was totally satisfied when G and I made a stop at California Tacos after we took our GED exams this afternoon! If you're ever near Tampa, you have got to give this place a shot. Their amped up carnitas tacos with cheese, sour cream + guacamole are delicious! I'd be in some serious trouble if we lived closer, haha.

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WISHING · I had won the lottery. Just kidding. I didn't even waste $2 on a ticket. I do wish that it will continue to stay cold around these parts because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week! I had to wear a sweater like four times.

FEELING · Physically, I'm tired. We got to bed late last night and had to wake up early this morning to visit the testing center. Mentally, I'm feeling relieved. I wasn't nervous about taking my social studies exam, but the questions were kinda tough. There was a lot of reading material and I kept getting distracted by the noises around me. Since it was timed, I was mentally freaking out every time another minute clicked away. So, basically, I was sure I was going to bomb it. I was so relieved when I got the e-mail with my score! I'm just a tad bit bummed that I was only three points away from passing with honors. Darn it.

PRAYING FOR · Healing for my grandpa. He had a fall the night before last and ended up having to go to the hospital since he hit his head on the way down. Although there was a small amount of bleeding that concerned the doctors at first, they said that he wouldn't be needing surgery and they may be releasing him in the next couple days. They're keeping an eye on him. We're praising Jesus for the good report, but I'm still believing for a complete and quick recovery.

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