Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Goals for January

I'd like to think of myself as a goal-oriented person, however making goals + sticking with them has been proving to be more and more difficult for me as I get older. Sometimes I set the bar too high with unrealistic expectations, while other times I start out really strong only to end up losing momentum somewhere along the line. In either case, it's just not going to cut it this year. By sharing my goals for each month with you all here, I'm hoping it will give me the extra motivation I need to actually get junk done. I found that it has worked in the past for others, so I'll give it a whirl! Besides, I've always enjoyed reading the goals that other people set for themselves + following their progress. It's inspiring to see others accomplishing things they set their minds to. With all that being said, my goals for the month of January aren't over-the-top. They're pretty simple / realistic.

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Spend time in prayer every morning.
I've created a bad morning habit. After waking up, I'll make a cup of coffee, sit down on the couch and instantly start scrolling through social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and sometimes even Pinterest. I'll waste the first part of my day checking what everyone else is up to. It has to stop. Before I even click that little white circle on my iPhone, I should be coming to the foot of the throne and speaking with Jesus. I'm sure most of you will agree that days seem to go more smoothly whenever we start them off in prayer. It's like an infusion of grace, strength + patience to get us through whatever we may face that day.

Take my social studies + science GED tests.
Okay, so it's been awhile since I passed (with honors) the language arts portion of my GED. I don't even know why I've waited this long to tackle the other sections. It's really beyond me. Yes, I was busy with work but I did have some opportunities to go in for testing. I'm scheduling my social studies exam next week, but I still need to study more for the science portion.

Finish one book.
You all should know by now that I really struggle with actually finishing books I choose to read. Well, for this month I have chosen to finish up The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer. I've been reading this book on and off since October, but I'm over 50% of the way done with it and I'm determined to wrap it up before the end of the month. Also, if I have the extra time, I'd love to write up a book review to share here once I complete it. This book has already taught me so much.

Go on one family outing.
Sadly, we only began making this a priority last year. As some of you may know, G and I live with my mama. We made the decision to stay with her after my dad passed away back in 2012. Well, we've been trying our best (when our budget allows) to go out together at least once or twice a month. We were able to do a lot last year and we actually compiled a list of places we'd like to visit or things we'd like to do throughout this year. It would be great to mark at least one thing off that list.

Lose 5 pounds.
So I've lost about 12 pounds over the past 3-4 months. I had been dealing with some health issues (digestion...blah) and I'd been working long shifts / barely eating. I know it wasn't the healthiest way to drop pounds, but it's kinda kick-started a desire to lose more weight. Let me be clear when I say that I'm content with the weight I'm at now as far as how I'm carrying my weight, but I'd like to lose about 20 pounds throughout the year for health reasons (diabetes runs in my family).

Refrain from buying anything for myself.
We're finally making our way out of the holiday haze. In hopes of paying off the small amount of debt that we racked up last month, G and I decided that we wouldn't purchase anything for ourselves this month. Normally we spend between $60-$100 a month on ourselves, so this spending freeze should free up just the right amount to pay off what we put out in December.

Finish redoing our upstairs bathroom.
Let it be known that we completely suck at completing household projects. I swear our upstairs bathroom has been halfway done for about two years now. I know, it's somewhat pitiful. We have the paint + all of the supplies that we need and I have the majority of next week off from Target thanks to a scheduling glitch. So there won't be any excuses this time around.

That about wraps it up! What are your goals for January?

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