Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If I Won the Lottery

At one time or another, winning the lottery has crossed the mind of just about everyone. With this whole Powerball craze going on at the moment (last I heard it was up to 1.5 billion), I found myself pondering what I would do if I ever won that kind of money. Truth be told, I would use most of it to help others. Even if I were to come into a substantial amount of wealth, I would still desire to lead a relatively simple life as I have never been big on luxury or anything of that nature.

Aside from tithing + donating to various organizations that we support (like A21, WWP + Compassion), I'd want to make sure that everyone in my family or circle of friends (at least those I have remained close with over the years) was financially set. Mortgages, student loans, medical bills and car payments would be taken care of right off the bat.

After all debts were terminated, I'd invest a large portion of the remaining money. Why not have my billions make even more billions? Stocks, bonds and mutual funds galore! I would also be sure to invest in a generous amount of land. You already know that I would use a good portion of the land to build my dream house. A farmhouse with a wrap-around porch. Five bedrooms + two bathrooms would be enough for us. I also wouldn't mind having a small stable to house a couple of horses, and you better believe I'd set up an outdoor range area for shooting (like the one Hickok45 has).

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Along with my dream house, I'd love to own two small vacation homes (a seaside cottage residing in a sleepy little town in the cape and a log cabin tucked away in the mountains), as well as a travel trailer or RV. Since money (or the lack thereof) would no longer be holding me back, I would love to travel to as many states / countries and experience as many cultures as I could.

After all that was said and done, I'd probably want to start a family. Even though money wouldn't be an issue, I would still only want three littles (one or two would be adopted). Oh, and cats! I would shelter as many as possible. I'd even go as far as to open up my own little cat sanctuary. I'd love to take in strays + hire people to nurse them back to health and adopt them out.

Besides all of that, there's not much else that I would want. I would buy a nice SUV for myself, a beefy diesel pickup truck for my husband and splurge a little on an old muscle car or an antique pickup truck. I'd probably update my wardrobe, buy a bunch of different guns and try all kinds of different restaurants. However, I'd really like to keep a low-key lifestyle for the most part. I'd want to spend more money on experiences rather than things. They sure last a lot longer and don't take up space!

Even though I highly doubt I'd ever win the lotto, it is always nice to dream!


  1. I am on the same page as you! I would use the money to pay off debts, invest, and give back. I don't want to live lavishly; but no financial stress would be nice.

  2. This is great! If I won the lottery, I think my husband would likely quit his job and we'd find somewhere to settle down.