Thursday, May 05, 2016

Goals for May

Yeah, so, the last time I created a monthly goal list was way back in February (oops). Let's take a moment to go over what I was able to knock out (or didn't knock out) over the past three months.


(✔) Finish another book.
(✔) Purge my closet + sell or giveaway the rejects.
(✘) Finish gathering the final pieces for my gallery wall.
(✔) Do two fun outings with my family.
(✔) Take the science portion of the GED test.
(✔) Plan a getaway with the hubby.

➜ ➜ ➜

Not too shabby, given the fact I had three months to get this junk done instead of the usual one. We aren't too far into May yet, so that should give me just the right amount of time to accomplish some things this month as well.

Finish The Bullet + one other book.
I'm about halfway done with the book I'm currently reading, so that'll be easy. I'd really like to dive into another right after I wrap that one up. Not sure which one exactly, but my Kindle is full of books I snagged on sale!

Continue studying for the GED math exam.
I try to study at least 30 minutes to an hour each day depending on how long the lesson is. I've been working my way through the Kaplan Mathematical Reasoning Prep book. I'd really like to knock out the whole book by the end of the summer if possible.

Take photos for our 6th wedding anniversary.
May 15th is our 6th wedding anniversary (whhhaaatttt?!). I've asked a close friend to take photos for us since we haven't had any "nice" ones taken since our engagement photos. Fingers crossed that our schedules will coincide so we can do this!

Visit Disney at least three times.
Okay, so a couple days ago we became Disney annual passholders (eeeek!) After weighing the pros / cons (although there weren't really any cons that I can recall), we decided to purchase the Florida Residents Weekday Select passes since we are normally free throughout the week. I know that will change whenever G starts school, but we'll work around it. With the price of tickets jumping up almost every year, we're still saving a ton even if we only get to go a handful of times. The tickets are good for all four Disney parks + includes free parking. That's a win/win if you ask me!

Keep tracking calories throughout the week.
Last month, G and I started tracking our calories again. However, we've been using MyNetDiary instead of MyFitnessPal. So far, I like it much better. The layout is clean and it seems to scan barcodes quicker. I've lost a couple pounds, but nothing astronomical. I'm focusing on how my clothes fit verses weight. We count Monday-Saturday and Sundays are cheat days.

That's about it. I'll keep it simple this time around ;)


  1. I'm so secretly, yet not secretly jealous of your Disney annual passes. Living in RI, we don't get down there too much. I have family in FL but we don't usually make it to the parks. I hope you enjoy the passes, that's awesome!

    1. Aw! Don't be jealous. That's honestly the only thing we really get to do. Since we have a family business to help run, we don't get many "real" vacations / can't go too far from home. Disney is only about an hour + a half away so it was the best option for us! Thank you for taking the time to read my goals!