Saturday, June 11, 2016

Currently // June

READING · As I shared a few days ago, I've recently started reading a book called When I'm Gone by Emily Bleeker. So far it has been a very heartbreaking read. But, then again, it is about a woman who dies of cancer and the family she leaves behind in the wake of her passing. So, I was aware that it would be a sad story. June 13th actually marks four years since my dad lost his battle against cancer so maybe I subconsciously chose to read this book in June based on that fact. Who knows! I'm also chipping away at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as well, though I highly doubt I'll finish reading it this month. #slowreader.

WATCHING · My mama and I have been hooked on HGTV shows as of late, especially Fixer Upper (I now understand what all the hype was about). Chip + Joanna Gaines are hilarious. G and I started watching 12 Monkeys on Hulu+ a couple weeks back. It involves time travel during a post-apocalyptic era. That right there should explain why I'm already a huge fan! It's fantastic.

LISTENING TO · Sadly, I haven't been listening to a great deal of new music (recommendations please). Just the usual indie, acoustic + instrumental faves. Copeland, Agnes Obel, and Audiomachine in particular. The song below's been on repeat lately.

DISCOVERING · That a person's attitude truly makes all the difference. Complaining, grumbling + being negative only make situations worse. Stay positive, remain grateful, and never forget that things could always be worse. Just roll with the punches.

PLANNING · A few fun things to do over the summer. Since our Disney passes are straight up blacked out during June + July (not complaining), I've been scooping up different Groupon offers for places near us to check out in the meantime Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Race to Escape + Florida Air Museum, to name a few. I found some new restaurants to try too.

CRAVING · Oddly enough, a blackened mahi-mahi sandwich from Pinchers. I don't crave seafood very often, but dang man.

WISHING · That we didn't have to wait to start redecorating our house. My mama and I have so many plans to totally redo the living room + kitchen, but there's just no time (or extra funds) to do what we would like to do at the moment. It's all good though. We can still keep getting ideas while we wait. We're thinking of going with a coastal / beach theme throughout the entire house.

FEELING · A wee bit perturbed about an upcoming choice I have to make near the end of the summer. I may be putting my two weeks notice in at Target within the next 6-8 weeks. Once G starts school in mid-August, it's going to be nearly impossible to balance all of my part time jobs with his school schedule and still keep my sanity. It's also time for me to step into the business side of our family business instead of solely working out in the field. I'll be making the same amount as I would be making at Target and working mostly from home, so it's a no-brainer. I've just never quit a job and I love my coworkers, so it's bittersweet.

PRAYING FOR · For strength and guidance in the weeks and months to come. I feel like we are about to shift into a new season of life. Although I'm very excited, I'm also a little nervous. However, I trust that God will be with us every step of the way.

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