Color Crush No. 4

Dang, it's been too long since I shared a Color Crush post. I'm constantly saving photos that catch my eye, but I don't know why it takes me so long to share them with you guys. I actually found this one while I was searching through some stock photos on StockSnap.io. I couldn't pass up using an awesome sunset photo ― just look at those gorgeous colors (insert heart eyes here).


Currently // July

READING · I'm still trying to make my way through When I'm Gone. I'll admit that I haven't been doing much reading lately as I'm still struggling with consistency, but I'd like to try to read at least 30 minutes a day like I was during the first of the year.

WATCHING · Quickly approaching season 2 of 12 Monkeys on Hulu+ (it's so dang good, guys). Besides that, my mama and I have been on a LMN kick lately. We've just been setting them up to record as they come on, and then binging on them when we have a couple hours to spare. I'm thinking of compiling a list of my favorite ones so far. There are just so many.

LISTENING TO · Bethel's latest praise and worship CD Have It All, as well as Big Daddy Weave's song The Lion and the Lamb (as shared below). Bethel actually included this song on their CD, but I was listening to his version beforehand (I love both).

DISCOVERING · Just how far I've come over the last few years. Things that used to bother me don't anymore. I'm not as fearful as I used to be. I'm able to laugh at myself whenever I make a mistake. It's a nice feeling, knowing that I've used my experiences as building blocks to help grow. It's crazy to look back at who I used to be verses who I am now.

PLANNING · Our next trip to Disney! August 12th marks the recommencement of our annual passes. So long, summer blackout dates! G starts classes on August 15th, so we'll have to plan a trip right before that. We'll probably head to Magic Kingdom.

CRAVING · All the unhealthy foods. Just give me all of the tacos, nachos, pastas, and pizzas. Haha. I've actually been doing very well with eating better this month, but the cravings are no joke. Tomorrow is cheat day. I'm not planning on going crazy since I don't want to jack up my progress, but I will enjoy not counting calories! I'd be happy with a cocktail + a cheeseburger.

WISHING · That I didn't have to go to work tonight. Don't get me wrong, I love my job (for the most part). I woke up not feeling well this morning, and this rainstorm is making me want to curl up on the couch for the rest of the day. Oh, well. I'll suck it up!

FEELING · Freaking relieved! On my last currently post, I shared that I may have to turn in my two weeks notice to Target come mid-August. After much consideration, I asked if it would be possible to change my availability to one day a week / weekends only. I was happy to see that my request was approved. I know that one day won't bring in much more money, but any extra money will help at this point. And, honestly, it was more about getting out of the house + being around my coworkers than making money. Since our family business is run from home, I would have started to feel cooped up had I decided to quit Target.

PRAYING FOR · For one of my best friends, Victoria. She's been battling cancer for over a year now, and she just spent the last week in the hospital. I'm happy she's home now, but we've been pressing in even harder for her healing. When she was first diagnosed last July, I created a GoFundMe account to help cover her being out of work + medical expenses. It's still open, if anyone feels led to donate. If you cannot donate for whatever reason, it would mean a lot if you shared the link.


Good Jams No. 1

Today I'm popping in with a handful of songs that have been on repeat lately. I've really been wanting to incorporate music posts within this space for some time now since it's a big passion of mine, just wasn't sure how I'd go about doing it. So, this is what I ultimately came up with. From time to time, I'll be sharing nine songs that I've been gravitating towards throughout that week!

Sunken Rusty Ships ― Katie Costello ◇ Goes Without Saying ― Anchor & Braille ◇ The Ladder ― Andrew Belle
Lighthouse ― Phillip LaRue ◇ Adventure of a Lifetime ― Coldplay ◇ Good Morning Fire Eater ― Copeland
Anchored at Sea ― Act As If ◇ Featherstone ― The Paper Kites ◇ Invasion ― Eisley

What have you been listening to lately?


Walt Disney Favorites

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14

A couple weeks back, a friend of mine (Kayla from Terra Nirvana: Magical Rantings) made a list of some of her Disney favorites. So, naturally, that got me thinking about what my own responses would be to the questions she laid out. I asked her if she would mind if I borrowed her idea, as I thought it was very cute, and she said ok. I added a few more questions that came to mind too.

Favorite character? Alice (both from the 1951 classic + Tim Burton's rendition).
Favorite original character? Minnie Mouse.
Favorite princess? Princess Merida (Brave).
Favorite prince? Flynn Rider (Tangled).
Favorite heroine? Alice Kingsleigh (Tim Burton's film), Merida, and Mulan.
Favorite hero? Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles).
Favorite animal? Maximus + Pascal (Tangled), Terk (Tarzan), and Mushu + Cricket (Mulan).
Favorite sidekick? Timon and Pumbaa (Lion King).
Favorite villain? Maleficent and the Red Queen (Tim Burton's film).
Favorite song? Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas). I remember jammin' out to that song on my cassette player when I was little.
Favorite love song? Romantic ― A Whole New World (Aladdin). Non-romantic ― You'll Be in My Heart (Tarzan).
Favorite villain song? Poor Unfortunate Souls (Little Mermaid).
Song that gets stuck in your head? Bear Necessities (Jungle Book) and Hakuna Matata (Lion King).
Least favorite song? Let it Go (Frozen), only because it's overplayed.
Favorite kiss? Belle and Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast) + Elizabeth and Will (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End).
Favorite non-animated movie? Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Tron, and Maleficent.
Favorite classic movie? Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.
Favorite sequel movie? Alice Through the Looking Glass.
Favorite Disney•Pixar movie? Brave, Up, and Monsters, Inc. However, Inside Out is pretty high up there too.
Favorite Disney Channel original movie? Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.
Favorite Disney Channel original show? Lizzie McGuire.
Underrated movie, in your opinion? Tarzan and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
Overrated movie, in your opinion? Frozen.
Movie that makes you laugh? A Bug's Life and Zootopia.
Movie that makes you cry? Up.
Movie that inspires you? Brave, Mulan, and Tomorrowland.
Movie you watched the most growing up? Homeward Bound, The Three Lives of Thomasina, and The Jungle Book.
Favorite quote? ❝The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.❞ ― The Emperor of China (Mulan) + ❝Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.❞ ― Merida (Brave).

What are a few of your Disney faves?


8 Recipes to Try This Summer

Not sure about you guys, but I very much enjoy trying out new recipes ― especially in the summer + fall months. Summertime brings thoughts of grilling out with family / friends, and trying to stay cool in this horrible Florida heat. I've gathered up a handful of recipes via Pinterest that looked good to me. Not sure if I'll be able to make them all this summer, but I'd sure like to try.

(08) Grilled cornbread with jalapeƱo honey butter.

What's your favorite summer recipe?


Things You Don't Know About Me

Wow, I haven't shared one of these about me posts since last October! With that being said, it's about time I shared a little more about myself (especially for any new followers I may have acquired since then). These posts are always fun to write!

I've shaved my arms since middle school.
Yes, you read that right. I shave my arms. It's weird, I know. My best friend and I started doing this in middle school for whatever reason (I guess we thought we were cool or something) haha. But, I've yet to stop and I doubt I ever will.

Lifetime + Hallmark movies are my guilty pleasures.
Highly doubt I'm the only one who likes to indulge in a dramatic Lifetime or cheesy Hallmark movie from time to time whenever possible. The stories create some kind of black hole of emotion and I tend to get sucked in quickly.

Raw tomatoes basically make me gag.
I'm completely fine eating tomato soup, tomato sauce, roasted or sun-dried tomatoes, and ketchup. It's the gross texture that gets me when they're straight up raw (so slimy), and the taste throws me off too. Although, I've been able to eat them on sandwiches and in wraps from time to time as I've gotten older. I honestly wish I liked them, but I don't see that happening.

I made my first C when I was in 5th grade and it devastated me.
Seriously. Up until that point, I had been an A+ / occasional B student. I made the Principal's Honor Roll more times than I can remember. When I saw a C on my report card, I cried. That's probably the moment I stopped trying to succeed in school. Ha!

My favorite colors are purple, blue + green.
As if this wasn't obvious enough with my longstanding choice of colors used in my blog design. Plum purples, bright blues + lively light greens make me all kinds of happy. It's actually kinda strange that I developed a love for purple since I used to hate it while I was growing up. It always reminded me of that nasty grape Dimetapp or Motrin I'd have to take when I was sick.

I've been to 8 states and 2 countries other than my own.
Over the years, I've traveled to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey + New York. I've also been on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico with my hubby. There are still many places I'd love to visit!


Our Independence Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July weekend! Ours was chock-full of family, friends, food + fireworks. We had a cookout at my brother's house (with enough food to feed a small army) ― hotdogs, hamburgers, brats, salmon, potato salad, pasta salad, apple pie. Everything was delicious. About halfway into our celebration, I made my way back to Tampa to attend another BBQ. My friend, Renata, just became a citizen of the United States (she's originally from Poland). I was honored to be a part of commemorating her citizenship. I was only able to stay a couple hours since my family was waiting for me back at my brother's.

We had initially planned to go out to see fireworks in Dade City or Safety Harbor, but later decided that doing fireworks at home would be a better option. As soon as the sun began to set, we arranged ourselves in the backyard with our chairs, drinks and a water hose just in case things got out of hand! The kids had a blast lighting the wicks and running back to safety before the sparks began their ascent. After the show came to an end, we filed back into the house to hang out before we made our way home. My niece + nephew ended up spending the night at our house as G had promised to take them shooting for the first time the next day (I'll share about that experience later on). This 4th was one for the books. So many great memories were made!


Goals for July

We're half way through 2016, peeps. I know I say this every month, but the past four weeks flew by. I knocked out four goals from my June list, but left three undone. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. Now, onto the recap!


(✘) Continue + finish reading When I'm Gone.
(✘) Finish clearing out the office room.
(✘) Visit Haslam's bookstore with G.
(✔) Cook one new meal.
(✔) Have at least two family nights.
(✔) Blog at least once a week.
(✔) Pay off a significant chunk of credit.

➜ ➜ ➜

Finish reading When I'm Gone.
Obviously since I failed to do this last month, it needs to happen this month! It's a good read, I've just been using my free time for other forms of entertainment (darn you, Netflix).

Start my Christmas shopping.
Normally I start my Christmas shopping before the middle of the year because I like being done before December even rolls around (I purchase small things here and there so we aren't stuck with putting out a large amount of money all at once).

Organize all of our important documents.
I swear this has been on my to-do list for ages now, but I've been dreading it (guess I should probably take my own advice for this one ― ha!). I really need to get everything in order (especially our financial documents) before G starts school next month.

Put at least 10% of every check back into savings.
We've actually been doing good with this recently and I'd like to keep it up. Savings was hit quite a bit over the past four years for various things. I think we are finally at a place where we can start focusing on rebuilding what we had to use.

Buy tickets for Tampa Bay Comic Con.
This is still up in the air as we're not sure if we'll be able to have the day(s) off from work, but hopefully we can figure something out by the end of the month. I've never been to any sort of comic convention so this will be a real treat if G and I are able to go!

Get back on track with eating right.
For the past two months, I've been eating horribly. Not every single day, but more often than I should. Between Mother's Day, our anniversary, various trips to Disney, family nights, birthdays, etc., I've fallen off the wagon. I started counting calories again a few days ago, so that should help tremendously. Obviously I won't be counting on the 4th, but I'll try to make better decisions.

Catch up with friends.
I don't get to see much of my friends these days, but I'd really like to be more intentional with making time to catch up with a few of them this month. Even if it's just grabbing a bite to eat on their lunch break, or meeting up for coffee. Any time would be better than not seeing them at all. I feel like I'm missing out on so much that's been happening in their lives.

Begin putting money aside to pay off student loans.
I know my husband hasn't even started school yet so some of you may find this crazy, but I absolutely loathe owing people money. Before we even clicked the 'accept' button on his first round of student loans, we made a plan to put money aside whenever we are able to in order to start paying them off before he graduates. The sooner, the better!

Go to the beach at least once.
I haven't been to the beach since our spontaneous trip to New Smyrna Beach back in February. That's been nearly five months ago, which is five months too long. I need to make this happen this month.