Thursday, August 04, 2016

Hair Product Must-Haves

Over the years, I've introduced my hair to many different products. I was on a quest to find what worked best for my hair type, but wouldn't leave our bank account crying in a corner somewhere. I think I've finally put together an assortment of items that work best for me + are extremely affordable. There are still a few that I'd like to try out, but these are my go-to products at the moment.

OGX coconut water shampoo + conditioner.
I've tried a few different variations of OGX shampoos and conditioners, but I love their weightless hydration coconut water shampoo and conditioner. My hair tends to dwell on the dryer side, but I've found that this combo works very well. The smell is amazing and it hydrates without weighing my hair down. I've actually been contemplating ditching conditioner altogether for a leave-in spray (I don't really see the point in putting it on then rinsing it right out). I'm still on the fence with that decision though.

OGX hydrate + defrizz kukuí oil.
If I did decide to discontinue using the conditioner like I mentioned above, this oil would definitely be taking its place. My mama actually picked up a bottle of this to try out last week since she'd been searching for a good anti-frizz spray or serum to use herself, but she was kind enough to let me try it too. I would have kept using it for the smell alone, but it really does a great job at keeping the frizziness at bay when humidity strikes. I'm sure I'll be purchasing my own bottle soon enough.

Herbal Essence naked dry shampoo.
I go through the dry shampoo, let me tell ya. And I feel like I've tried almost all of them that are on the market. Herbal Essence naked dry shampoo is the best I've come across so far. Same as with the last two products, the smell was fantastic. Most dry shampoos that I tried left my hair feeling somewhat heavy, but that isn't the case with this one. It is a real lifesaver for my bangs.

Not Your Mother's beach babe texturizing cream + spray.
This combo has been my go-to for a few years now. I don't always use the cream (it adds a bit more texture), but the spray is used almost daily (unless I straighten my hair). I love the waviness it adds without the crunchiness or greasiness that normally comes along with using other hair sprays. I'd highly recommend trying it out if you haven't done so already.

What are a few of your hair product must-haves?

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