Bringing Me Joy · Vol. 4

Way back in the beginning of 2014, I started a little bi-weekly series titled Bringing Me Joy in which I would share, you guessed it, things that were bringing me joy around that time (here are volumes 1 // 2 // 3). In hopes of feeling more contented + grateful (especially in the humdrum of the everyday), I thought it a good idea to resurrect that series from the dead. It helped me to stay grounded and be thankful for the little things in life.

Reading the Bible every morning.
Each morning I make a cup of coffee, settle into the couch with my favorite blanket and open up my Bible app. I've been making a point to ignore texts, e-mails + social media until I've had time in the Word.

Taking a trip to Whole Foods.
Before last Thursday, I hadn't been to Whole Foods in a few years. I know, I've totally been missing out. Having so many good options all in one place made my health-food-lovin' heart so happy (my wallet cringed a bit).

Finding coffee from my mama's hometown.
While my mama and I were perusing the aisles of Whole Foods, I actually found some coffee that was roasted by a little coffee shop in her hometown of Thomasville, Ga. It was such a treat to find it down here in Tampa. 

Semi-chilly weather.
So, I wouldn't necessarily consider this weather cold, but it's certainly much cooler than it has been, so I'm fully enjoying a break from the Florida heat. Tomorrow is suppose to be really cold.

Finishing one book + half of another.
I finally wrapped up reading Unglued, then jumped right back into Without Rival. I'm just about halfway through it now. Yay for being on track with my reading goals for once!

Drinking kombucha.
I tried kombucha a couple years ago, but I just couldn't handle the vinegary taste. I decided to give it another shot since my tastes seem to be changing. Have you ever experienced that? I used to hate onions + peppers too. Well, now I love kombucha. GT's cosmic cranberry + passionberry bliss are my go-to flavors.

Actually understanding algebra.
Seriously. It feels so good to understand the math I'm studying right now for my final GED test.

Joining the gym again.
I went down to YouFit Health Clubs and became a member again. I chose to go with their lime card option like last time. $20/month covers my membership, allows me to go to any location, bring an extra person any time I want + take any of their classes. G normally goes with me, but if he's not feeling it I can bring a friend with me.

Cuddling with my clingy kitty.
I have no idea why my already overly affectionate cat has been so clingy this week, but I can't complain.

Finding the perfect pair of black heels on clearance.
Target clearance, man. I thought I wouldn't shop there as much after I quit. Nope. I'm forever checking their online clearance. I found these beauties the other day. There's 20% off clearance items too, so I paid $14.

What are some things that are bringing you joy lately?  

(linking up with Lindsay, Charlotte + Krysten for 10 things that make me happy)

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