Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disney · Four Parks One Day

Around the end of August, Walt Disney World was running a special which offered discounted (basically half off) park hopper tickets for family + friends of those who were already passholders. As soon as I received the e-mail, I reached out to my old friend, Amanda, in hopes of planning a trip together. A couple weeks before that, she'd informed everyone that she'd be moving away near the beginning of 2017. We never really got the chance to hang out as often as we would have liked in the first place, so we both thought taking this trip was a great idea. After picking a date that worked for both of us, everything else fell together beautifully.

Amanda and I had been to Disney together prior to this trip, but it had been a whopping 9 years since. We went back and forth on which parks would be best to visit, but ultimately decided on trying to conquer all four parks in one day. Impossible? Not at all. Crazy? Eh, maybe a little. However, even to our surprise, we actually made it through every single park (we were pretty determined). Obviously we had somewhat of a game plan before going in. We'd picked our must-do attractions for each park and did our best to stick to it. 

Magic Kingdom held the majority of rides on our list, so we planned to start as well as end the day there. After riding Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain, we hopped the monorail over to Epcot for lunch at Electric Umbrella (they make a killer veggie flatbread). I had a chance to snag a photo with Alice (she's kinda my fave) as we made our way through England, we grabbed a piña colada in Morocco, tried to find the new Frozen ride in Norway (but failed), then moved onto Animal Kingdom. Riding Everest was the only thing we had in mind for AK since our time was quickly dwindling. After moving onto Hollywood Studios and waiting in line for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster for an eternity, we went back to where our adventure had initially begun.

We were both awfully tired whenever we finally made it back to Magic Kingdom again, but kept pressing on. Making our rounds, we chose to ride Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. After getting dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus, we started to make our way over to Main Street to get ready for the electrical parade until we noticed there was practically no wait for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. We looked at each other in excitement and decided to skip the parade, making it out with just enough time to watch the fireworks.

So, within a nutshell, 4 different parks, 14 hours, 13.5 miles walked (dead serious), 2.4 billion photos taken (a slight exaggeration) + countless memories. This trip was definitely one for the books and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to share it with Amanda. I'm not sure why I never recapped this before now, but Amanda ended up moving last week. I suppose that reminded me to document this before the memories begin to get fuzzy :)

And, now, here is just a portion of those 2.4 billion photos!
(the first one is a few shots from our first Disney trip together)

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