Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Goals

Yes, I'm aware that we're nearly halfway through January. And, yes, I'm also aware that goal posts are typically shared at the beginning of a fresh month. However, I'm trying really hard to get back into the swing of things around here after almost a whole month of working 12 hour shifts (27 days to be exact). As you can imagine, after long stretches like that, it's difficult for me to resume a strategic routine here at home. Normally I only allow myself a day or two just to straight up hibernate + catch up on rest before jumping into the household responsibilities. I'll have about a month off before the next round hits (very happy about that).

D E C E M B E R  G O A L S

(✔) Plan out my goals for the new year.

(✘) Start getting up the first time the alarm goes off.

(✔) Have a very simple birthday celebration.

(✔) Purge my belongings before Christmas.

(✔) Send out Christmas cards.

(✔) Visit Disney before the holiday blackout dates.

J A N U A R Y  G O A L S

(01) Journal at least twice a week.

(02) Rejoin the gym.

(03) Deep clean my closet + give away items I don't love.

(04) Have one Disney day.

(05) Do one GED math lesson per day.

(06) Start + finish reading two books.

What are some of your goals for January?

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  1. I have the same goal of 2 books for the month of January, we got this!! Good luck on the GED lesson, good for you for taking all the proper steps!