Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Dream List

Many of you have probably noticed that 'dreams' tab in my navigation bar. Well, it's my bucket list. That list used to be filled with every possible thing you could imagine ― things that I thought sounded like fun and things I've since changed my mind about. I took some time over the past few days to really sit down and think about what I wanted to do over the course of my life. For each thing I had on my list, I had to ask myself will you honestly regret never doing this when you come to the end of your life?❞ So, I weeded through the list. After carefully taking everything into consideration, I deleted some items and added others. I can say, without a doubt, that these are the desires of my heart. These are things I long to do during my time on this earth. I'll be updating my 'dreams' page as I knock things off this list as well as sharing posts for items as I see fit. You can keep up with my progress here (I've already done some of these prior to posting this).

Become a mother.

Read the entire Bible.

Go to Comic-Con.

Swim with dolphins.

Go kayaking or canoeing.

Get my concealed carry permit. 

See Needtobreathe in concert. 

Learn how to play chess.

Go horseback riding.

Smoke a cigar.

Shoot a .45, revolver, shotgun, AK-47, AR-15.

Go camping with my family.

Travel to New Zealand.

Own an upright piano.

Stay at 5 deluxe Disney resorts (2/5).

Go zip-lining.

Participate in NaNoWriMo.

Feed giraffes at the zoo.

Visit Kennedy Space Center with my husband.

Write + publish a book.

Travel to Costa Rica.

See Lindsey Stirling in concert

Learn how to play the guitar.

Take a ride in a helicopter.

Get a Star Wars tattoo.

Visit 20 states other than my own (8/20).

Participate in a Run Disney event.

Travel to England.

Restore an antique pick-up truck.

Make up missing credits or get my GED.

Take a ride on a glass bottom boat.

Interact with a sloth. 

Visit my mama's hometown (Thomasville, Ga).

Learn basic sign language.

See Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert.

Cruise to the Bahamas.

Read The Chronicles of Narnia.

Get a couples tattoo.

Travel somewhere via passenger train.

Observe whales in the wild.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Become fluent in Spanish.

Travel to Ireland.

View a rocket launch in person.

Learn how to read music.

See a Broadway show.

Start my own web design business. 

Watch a meteor shower. 

Climb a lighthouse.

Learn how to play the violin.

Enter a photograph contest.

Earn a degree in web development.

Cruise to Alaska.

Learn basic German.

Attend a painting class.

Take a ride on a tugboat.

Own a telescope. 

See Sleeping at Last in concert. 

Take a self-defense class.

Travel to Germany.

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Attend a hot air balloon festival.

Travel throughout Scandinavia.

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