Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Valentine's Day

Hey, guys! I really hope you all enjoyed celebrating with your loved ones yesterday. This was actually our eighth Valentine's Day together (woah). We don't really observe the holiday like we used to when we first got together. I guess we just stopped buying into all the hype and pressure associated with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not like the Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentine's Day or whatever. It's way too commercialized. Maybe it's because I'm simple. It doesn't take much to appease me. Just feed me tacos, touch my butt and tell me you love me ;)

Even though we don't go all out for Valentine's, we still do a little bit of celebrating. I knew I wanted to cook a nice meal at home so that we could include my mama as well. It's almost been five years since my dad passed away and I didn't want her to feel like she was alone. I figured we could have a homemade dinner and then G and I could go out (just the two of us) for drinks + dessert afterwards. Aside from flowers, we didn't get each other gifts. Although we did use the holiday as an excuse opportunity to each purchase the Fitbit Charge 2 (they were on sale). All I can say is that I've really been missing out. I'm blown away with all that it can do!

Alright, back to dinner. I totally splurged on some thick strip steaks + shrimp to cook, as well as asparagus and mashed cauliflower. Everything turned out great! The steaks were so big that we all had leftovers. I actually had steak, eggs and asparagus for breakfast today, and put the rest on a salad for lunch. Sometime after 8pm, we went out for dessert. We chose Applebee's because it's right up the street and we figured it wouldn't be too packed. Wrong. It was loaded, but we were able to get a booth quickly. After a glass of sangria + splitting a triple chocolate meltdown, it was back to the house to watch a movie (John Wick) before knocking out. It may not have been all over-the-top or society's version of romantic, but I loved spending time with my hubby.

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