Wednesday, March 01, 2017

March Goals

F E B R U A R Y  G O A L S

(✔) Go to the gym 2-3x a week.
Yes! This actually became a priority for us over the past month. I'm so glad we were able to stick with it. I think there was only one week that we went 3x, but I was still getting in some cardio and weights at home each day.

(✔) Have a coffee date with Charlene.
Heck, yes! This happened last week. Charlene (from Charlene Zale) and I finally met in person after being online friends / pen pals for almost 10 years! She shared about our coffee date on her blog the other day.

(✘) Visit at least one new area around us.
Sadly, no, this didn't work out. I mean, it could have. It's not like we didn't have the time to do it. We just got wrapped up in other things throughout the month and this was put on the back burner. 

(✔) Go to Epcot's Festival of the Arts.
We waited until the last weekend, but we still made it! It was a lot of fun. I have to share about our time there.

(✘) Read one book.
Oops. I started reading The Forgetting, but I'm far away from finishing it. You win some, you lose some.

(✘) Finish going over algebra.
There were two separate sections within the algebra section of my book. As much as I wanted to breeze through it, I found myself needing more practice in the first section (multiplying / dividing polynomials). I'm still happy with the progress I made though. I mean, I have to actually understand what I'm studying.

(✔) Learn one new song on the keyboard.
So maybe it was cheating, but I relearned how to play The Hanging Tree (the song that Katniss Everdeen sings on Mockingjay Part 1). I had learned it about a year or so ago, but had since forgotten how to play it.

M A R C H  G O A L S

(01) Complete GED prep + take a practice test.

(02) Have a Disney day with my husband.

(03) Finish reading The Forgetting.

(04) Participate in one boot camp class.

(05) Rearrange the office / computer room.

(06) Go to the gun range.

What are some of your goals for March?