Sunday, May 21, 2017

Currently // May

EATING · All the grilled foods! I feel like we have been grilling almost every other day ― chicken, steak, salmon, burgers (both beef + turkey), hot dogs, asparagus, sweet peppers, mushrooms, zucchini.

DRINKING · Mostly coffee + water (as per usual). I did try a few of the Bai Bubbles drinks earlier in the month. The Peru Pineapple flavor was yummy! I'll probably try some of their others later on.

READING · I've been plucking away at The Cirlce by Dave Eggers. I realize it wasn't even on my reading list for this year, but I ended up taking The Princess Diarest off. I really had high hopes for that book, but I just could not get into it. So, this book has become the replacement. It was gifted to me for my birthday by Charlene (Charlene Zale). I had no idea the movie would be coming out this year, but I am looking forward to seeing it!

WATCHING · We've been in a rewatching phase this month. Started off by rewatching seasons 1-6 of The Walking Dead, then The Office, and now we have moved onto Sherlock. Aside from those, my mama and I began watching the Netflix Original, Anne with an E. I didn't grow up watching Anne of Green Gables, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. With that being said, I like the show for the most part.
LISTENING TO · New instrumental music (shocker). I like that I can think without being distracted by lyrics. I can zone out and get a lot done when I put on songs like the one below (it's a favorite of mine at the moment).

PLANNING · A mini-trip with Charlene. We have a handful of places we'd like to go explore together.

WISH-LISTING · I'm sad to admit that part of me wants to sell my DSLR, the Canon Rebel T2i, and all of my lenses. I'd love to invest in a more compact camera. I have my eye on the Canon  PowerShot G7 X Mark II. It would be much easier to tote around, especially while traveling. I need to see how much I can get for my gear.

LEARNING ·  New study skills + note-taking methods to implement whenever I start school in the fall. I've also been doing some online coding courses to get a head start with HTML / CSS / JavaScript.

FEELING · Grateful. Even on the bleakest days, I know that there are people who are going through far worse.

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