Thursday, June 01, 2017

June Goals

So, how in the world has May already come and gone? Okay, I'm sure that I probably say the same thing every single time I share my goals, but the past month literally flew by us. Last month was one filled with celebration ― Mother's Day, our wedding anniversary, and Memorial Day. I didn't accomplish all of my goals, but I did a lot.

M A Y  G O A L S

(✔) Take placement testing + go through orientation at SPC.
Yes. I have two more classes to finish for my orientation, but I'll be done next week.
(✘) Finish reading at least half of The Circle.
Nope. I only completed a quarter of it. I've been choosing television over reading lately.

(✔)  Incorporate more cardio in my fitness routine.
Affirmative. I've started doing 20-30 minutes of cardio on top of my weight training.

(✔) Get more involved + connected at church.
I've started going more often, as well as attending some events. Next step = volunteering.

(✔) Drink a gallon of water each day.
I missed a few days, but I stuck with this for the most part.

(✘) Go over 3 sections in this HTML & CSS book.
I didn't get around to this, but I did some practice through Codecademy.

(✔) Create better morning / evening routines.
Yep! I've been going to bed earlier + waking up between 7:00-8:00am.

J U N E  G O A L S

(01) Start writing in my gratitude journal daily.

(02) Finish reading the rest of The Circle.

(03) Take my niece + nephew to the gun range.

(04) Go to the beach at least once.

(05) Reorganize my bedroom closet + drawers.

(06) Go see Wonder Woman in theaters.

(07) Locate my sketchbook + start drawing again.

What are some of your goals for June?

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