Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sarasota on a Rainy Sunday

About a month ago, Charlene (from Charlene Zale) and I took a day trip down to Sarasota. The forecast looked a bit grim that Sunday morning, but we refused to let it alter our plans in any way. It took roughly an hour and a half to reach our destination. Once in Sarasota, we wasted no time in making our way to the first stop on our list of places to visit ― Bookstore1Sarasota. It was a charming little shop with a very nice selection of books, so it's really no surprise that we spent a good amount of time looking through everything they had to offer.

By the time Charlene finally picked out a book to bring home, we were ready to get our caffeine fix from Buddy Brew Coffee. Thankfully the coffee shop was within walking distance of the bookstore. As I was sipping the last of my vanilla latte, Charlene realized that she had a big dilemma on her hands. The memory card in her camera was full. However, it didn't take her long to track down a nearby Best Buy and purchase a new one. We really dodged a bullet there. By the time we got back to the car, the clouds cracked open and it started pouring.

It was nearly lunch time, so we figured it best to pop into a restaurant for a bite to eat. We quickly decided on First Watch. It's one of my favorites, but Charlene had never been before. I knew they offered a wide range of healthy dishes, as well as vegetarian options for her. Our food was delicious, but I didn't expect anything less. It seemed like we finished eating just as the sun started coming out. It gave us the perfect amount of time to explore the Main Street area + St. Armand's Circle. The clouds were starting to grow dark again as we broke away from the hustle and bustle of the shops to visit Lido Key. After enjoying some time on the beach, I was concerned we wouldn't get back to the car before the rain started falling again, but we made it just in time.

The drive back to Tampa was a bit alarming, as heavy sheets of rain seemed to fall for miles and miles. We were both finding it difficult to see the road in front of us, but we finally drove out of it. Besides that, the trip was awesome! I'm looking forward to more adventures together in the future. There's never a dull moment whenever we hang out. Well, I suppose I've said enough. Now, onto the photos. I'm also sharing the vlog / montage that Charlene pieced together at the end. She really has a knack for video editing!

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