Items that are yellow are in progress.
Items that are marked through have been completed.

Become a mother.

Read the entire Bible.

Go to Comic-Con.

Swim with dolphins.

Go kayaking or canoeing.

Get my concealed carry permit.

See Needtobreathe in concert.

Learn how to play chess.

Go horseback riding.

Smoke a cigar.

Shoot a .45, revolver, shotgun, AK-47, AR-15.

Go camping with my family.

Travel to New Zealand.

Own an upright piano.

Stay at 5 deluxe Disney resorts (2/5).

Go zip-lining.

Participate in NaNoWriMo.

Feed giraffes at the zoo.

Visit Kennedy Space Center with my husband.

Write + publish a book.

Travel to Costa Rica.

See Lindsey Stirling in concert.

Learn how to play the guitar.

Take a ride in a helicopter.

Get a Star Wars tattoo.

Visit 20 states other than my own (8/20).

Participate in a Run Disney event.

Travel to England.

Restore an antique pick-up truck.

Make up missing credits or get my GED.
Take a ride on a glass bottom boat.

Interact with a sloth.

Visit my mama's hometown (Thomasville, Ga).

Learn basic sign language.

See Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert.

Cruise to the Bahamas.

Get a couples tattoo.

Travel somewhere via passenger train.

Observe whales in the wild.

Read The Chronicles of Narnia.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Become fluent in Spanish.

Travel to Ireland.

View a rocket launch in person.

Learn how to read music.

See a Broadway show.

Start my own web design business. 

Watch a meteor shower. 

Climb a lighthouse.

Learn how to play the violin.

Enter a photograph contest.

Earn a degree in graphic design.

Cruise to Alaska. 

Learn basic German.

Attend a painting class.

Take a ride on a tugboat.

Own a telescope.

See Sleeping at Last in concert.

Take a self-defense class.

Travel to Germany.

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Attend a hot air balloon festival.

Travel throughout Scandinavia.